Autumn Wreath Ideas

autumnal wreath with small pumpkins leaves figs and berries

Artificial plants, flowers, leaves and greenery can come into its own in the autumn period, especially if you are looking to put together a beautiful seasonal autumn wreath. The level of realistic detail in artificial plant designs now is such that you will be able to enjoy new levels of creativity as you put together the ideal wreath for the autumn months.

Why Go Artificial?

Helmsley foliage artificial wreath - an good starting point for an autumn wreath
Helmsley foliage artificial wreath – a good starting point for an autumn wreath

More and more people these days are going down the artificial route when it comes to plants, flowers and foliage. This does not just go for the people who don’t have a particular interest in gardening or floristry. For, even those who also enjoy spending time getting hands on with the maintenance of their plants, are also seeing that there is nothing stopping them from incorporating some artificial touches into their home decor. This is because the level of richness and accuracy is such that, as well as getting all the bonuses of them being long-lasting and low maintenance, artificial plants and flowers also give you all the aesthetic joy as natural equivalents.

Where to Hang Your Wreath?

The classic position to hang your wreath is of course on the front door. But don’t let convention hold you back! There are actually plenty of other options which might be worth exploring, depending on what kind of a look you are going for.

One way for example that you can use a wreath to really great effect is by hanging it on a blank wall, thus adding a touch of texture and cheer to empty space. They can also come into use very effectively when hanging in front of a window, where the glow of the sun from outside will illumine the autumn wreath in all its glory.

Artificial Autumn Wreaths

The reusable nature of artificial plants of course comes in incredibly handy when it comes to wreaths. Wreaths are great to bring out and put into use when a special occasion or a seasonal celebration comes around. At this time of year it could be a family gathering, Halloween event, autumnal wedding or simply a way of brightening your home as the winter draws closer.

Getting Started

To get things going, there are some lovely garland and wreath options that you can use as your starting point. Or create your own from scratch using our wreath rings. To expand on your autumn wreath, you will need some florist tools such as wire cutters, some florists wire, some bows and perhaps some glue. With these at your disposal, you can then work in some details with your favourite artificial plants and accessories.

Earthy Beauty

A fundamental backbone for the earthy excellence which any good wreath must offer is going to be made up of branches and foliage such as those of a brown, copper and green hue. A touch of deep red foliage should also do the trick in terms of offering that beautiful autumnal look. Foliage such as ferns, English ivy, and even the inclusion of mossy bark, will give the wreath a hearty, wholesome and beautiful look. In terms of the reds and the warm browns, berries, along with options such as Callistemon branches will be a great addition.

A Touch of Autumnal Colour

One of the great things about autumn colour is that you do really get a lovely range that appears. Creating a gorgeous and warming tapestry of tones. On top of this bed of gentle and deep colour, you can then have fun with fresh and exciting additions of flowers. Why not include some purple thistle, heather or Begonia? And for a sharp burst of colour that cuts through the rest, you would do well to include some beautiful roses or hydrangeas.

Added Details To Your Wreath

You might also want to think about using some added extras which will really raise the level of magic with your wreath designs this autumn. These will be those touches which are the proverbial cherry on the cake! You might consider for example including ribbons, and even dried fruit, bringing together an undeniable design flair that would be sure to lift the whole look of the wreath to new heights.