Benefits of Flame Retardant Artificial Plants

artificial ficus leaves flame retardant plant

Flame retardant artificial plants are growing in popularity and for many different reasons! If you are considering decorating a commercial or residential space with the aim of adding fresh, clean and vibrant touches to the area, but you also want to ensure the decorations are safe and hassle free, then flame retardant artificial plants could just be the right choice for you. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits…

If you are new to the world of high-quality artificial plants, we thought that it might be worth giving you a quick overview of why exactly it is that flame retardant artificial plants are so appealing and beneficial.


There is somewhat of a paradox at play when it comes to brightening up rooms with natural plants: the rooms and spaces that need brightening up often are the rooms that do not have enough natural light to sustain a healthy plant, whereas the rooms that can have natural plants in them are usually those ones which were nice and bright anyway before adding a plant.

This is where the artificial plant comes in. They are very versatile decorations for a huge range of spaces, from your own home, to offices, businesses and events. If you are decorating a room that does not have much natural light to speak of, and this could be in subterranean office floors, spa treatment rooms, windowless offices, or various other corporate or leisure spaces, then a great way to brighten up and refresh the space will be to add an artificial plant.

Resilient & Long Lasting

There are other situations too where you cannot ensure that there will be stable conditions, and this, for a normal plant, would be bad news indeed. For example, with a reception or a waiting room, the automatic doors will constantly be opening and shutting, letting in cold blasts of air, and people walking in and out of the room may be continuously brushing past any plants. Unlike a natural plant, with the artificial plant, this would have little effect on how aesthetically pleasing it will remain. They don’t bruise or wilt or loose petals or leaves like the real thing does.

Fire Safety

Flame retardant artificial plants provide extra peace of mind when it comes to fire safety. Especially if you are considering placing your faux plants near anything with a fire risk, such as candles, fireplaces, electrics or heat sources. It allows you to further protect your customers, your business, your event or your home.

Many of our selection of artificial plants are actually made with FireSilx protection, so the retardant qualities are built into the plant itself, not sprayed on or coated. This means they are inherently flame retardant and the protection doesn’t rub off over time or get washed off. They also carry a range of fire retardant certificates including British Standard Certificate (BS 5852) so that certainly ticks some more safety boxes!

If you are looking to decorate an outdoor space, perhaps outside a pub, bar or restaurant, then flame retardant artificial plants not only withstand the odd drink being spilled over them, but also a cigarette end making its way into the top soil or leaf now and then! Or, if you are creating the ideal centrepiece for a wedding complete with candles, then using fire retardant foliage sprays is probably a good idea.

Low Maintenance

Whether you are at home, in the office, or in any commercial space you have decorated with flame retardant plants, the only piece of maintenance that needs to be taking place is an occasional bit of dusting. The time saved not having to water or trim your plants therefore is a great bonus.

Beautiful Plants – Year Round

We have moved on a long way from the times when artificial plants were less than convincing. Now, you can enjoy artificial plants (also known as ‘silks’) that are indistinguishable from the real thing. The level of artistry which goes into producing life-like replicas of a whole variety of plants is astounding and means that you won’t be trading off anything in the appearance of the plants when you go down the artificial route. What is more, as these plants aren’t seasonal, you will be able to purchase them at any time in the year!

Explore Our Range

Because we know how great an option they are, at Inspirations Wholesale we have a wide range of top-quality real-look artificial inherently flame retardant plants which includes variegated aglaonema bushes, cordyline sprays, croton foliage, ivy with burgundy buds, river fern sprays and much, much more! Explore our full range here.