Floral Trends for 2020

floral trends 2020

It is that time once more to think about what types of floral trends and styles are going to come into play over the next year. When it comes to new looks for 2020 in the home, commercial space or event, one key area to consider is all things floral. There are so many different flowers to choose from when you set about decorating your space or arranging a wedding or event. Now is the time to explore some of the most pretty and exciting floral looks for the new year.

Variety of Trends for 2020

Publications such as Homes and Gardens have recently issued a round up of the most exciting and fresh potential floral trends 2020. Here we take a look at some of those trends, alongside our own collections of real-look artificial flowers. Whether you are creating your own displays or looking to have one of the beautiful floral creations from our fantastic design team at Inspirations Wholesale, here are some of the looks for the year so far.

Light & Soft Neutrals

First of all, one of the floral trends for 2020 is a soft neutral look that brings a fresh and light palette to your flower arrangements. Use whites, off-whites, creams, soft greens as a base. Then bring in a touch of pale pastel or simply use a variety of different blooms and foliage to add texture. This subtle range of soft neutral colours is calming and gentle on the eye and feels very natural.

Placement of your flowers would look beautiful as part of an overall neutral themed room, where the texture of the flowers would attract interest. Alternatively, you could create a floral display that is mainly white or off-white, and position it in front of a pastel coloured wall to add contrast.

You can create a pretty bouquet or display using some gorgeous artificial flowers from our range. Here are some of our favourites for a soft neutral look.

70’s Bright & Bold

On the brighter and more vibrant side of the spectrum, the 70s psychedelics inspired floral trend will be all about bright and vivid colour combinations. Oranges, blues, yellows, purples and greens will be the kinds of colours that you will want in the mix. This colourful 70’s palette would suit a bold retro theme or those looking to explore the exciting maximalism style. Think about the contrasting colours in your floral display that would stand out, because you will want it to hold it’s own in a strongly decorated space with statement furniture pieces or eye catching patterns or prints.

Take a look at some of our excellent quality artificial flowers that offer a colourful and eclectic mix to give you inspiration for your own 1970’s bright and bold floral arrangement.

Rich Jewel Tones

Finally, a floral trend that we love the look of is a collection of ‘jewel tones’ to make a rich bouquet. By jewel tones, you could include colours that almost resemble the look of gemstones, such as purples like amethyst, pinks like morganite or even peaches like the padparadscha sapphire. Whether at home or for a commercial space, we think that a combination of gorgeous jewel coloured blooms will be just the trick to carry out this playful effect.

In terms of the flowers’ shape and styling, this is where artificial flowers can really work wonders. We have a whole host of artificial flowers in our collection that offer a broad choice throughout the year. These high quality faux flowers look so realistic that you’ll certainly have to look pretty close to see that they are artificial. Using an almost sculptural look, with interesting shapes and delicacy will present an irresistibly chic and on trend style. Therefore, Allium stems, Delphinium or Nutans stems could work well in this way. They can be used almost in isolation to enhance the effect of their shapes and colours. Or you can cleverly combine them with other simpler shapes to create texture and balance in a floral display.

High Quality Artificial Flowers

The great thing with all this is that, with artificial flowers, you will be able to put together these floral trends and themes whenever you want, because you won’t need to worry about the maintenance. These are looks that will lift the mood and the feel of your home, event, or add the finishing touch to a commercial space. Get in there before the rest with your new 2020 floral displays and you will be able to bask in the glow that these fantastic floral arrangements will create!