Take a Fresh Look at Artificial Fruit & Veg

artificial fruit and veg - green, yellow, red bell peppers

We are big believers in the creative potential of artificial fruit and veg. It is perhaps overlooked for faux plants and flowers, but it can be just as effective in certain situations. Fresh fruit and veg is of course there to be eaten. But – in their own way – they are just as beautiful as flowers. As a result, there is a special feeling that colourful fruits and vegetables create when you look at a collection. Such as when your eye is drawn to a bountiful market stall or a farm shop. It is just this feeling which can be achieved through high quality artificial equivalents.

Using Fruit and Veg in Displays

What is particularly wonderful about fruit and veg is the combination of striking flashes of colour and a rich earthiness. There is something about the sight of fruit and vegetables that makes you think of the joys of the harvest. It casts the mind back to the first bite of fresh fruit, and to a deep sense of the ancient and simple pleasures in life. Amazingly, a lot of this feeling is captured in those few seconds of glancing at high quality artificial fruits and vegetables.

The first thing to learn about faux fruit and veg is that you’ll get the best effect if it’s realistic. This is why we stock faux fruit and vegetables that reach a high level of realistic detail in their texture, shape and colour. Whether it is the apple or orange, the spring onions, cabbages or bell peppers, each design is impressive in its small details and its eye-catching, vivid colours.

There are a lot of benefits to making the step over into the artificial realm for your display possibilities. This is why we thought we would run you through some of the most important advantages. As well as going into some of the potential uses of artificial fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of Faux Fruit and Veg

The clear advantage with artificial fruit and veg is that you don’t need to tend to it in the same way you would natural versions. If you are putting together the finishing touches of a hotel, restaurant, shop, show home, film set or photo shoot, this is clearly a significant benefit. You can have the peace of mind that your display will remain in premium condition. Without any high maintenance to worry about.

Some key benefits to cast your eyes over include:

  • Long-lasting – won’t rot or go off
  • No smells or odours from food
  • Can be left on display day and night / all year round
  • Better for pest control – won’t attract insects or vermin
  • Cheaper than regularly replacing with fresh fruit or veg
  • More durable – won’t bruise or damage or stain
  • Less food waste
  • Easy to care for

The danger of display produce perishing is not just a risk to look of your commercial space. Therefore, if you have some fruits and vegetables on display and they begin to rot, this will create a nasty smell which could be disastrous for ambience. The durability of artificial fruits and veg means that you won’t have to waste, for visual purposes, what could well be eaten. The natural oranges, apples, strawberries and carrots can be busy doing their bit in the kitchen. Whilst the artificial equivalents can be used out front to create a long-lasting wholesome and vibrant atmosphere.

Where and How to Display

As mentioned above, artificial fruit and veg certainly does lend itself to such commercial spaces as restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, pubs and bars, where there will be food being cooked, sold and enjoyed. They will allow you to create a conversation between the kitchen and the space beyond the kitchen. Without wasting any fresh produce. This will also be the case for gardening / farm shops, where you can use artificial designs for consistency throughout the year. Artificial fruit and veg mean that you not be beholden to the harvest cycles for your interior look.

However, this is not the only use of faux fruits and vegetables. They can come into use in set design, whether for TV, films, theatre, photography, events and more. Far easier to care for on a busy set and more durable. You might also think about the potential of some artificial fruit trees to enhance the appearance of a showroom. How about a fruit bowl to give a homely touch to a show home. It could be the little detail which – perhaps even more effectively than flowers – might stand out as the most impressive touch.

This is all without mentioning the potential of artificial fruit and veg for the home. Although there are many commercial uses, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that some of fruit and veg designs could also brighten your own interior design or enhance a special occasion. Incorporating some artificial fruit and veg into your interior or exterior could be a quirky and eye-catching addition to your decorations.

Need any help with artificial fruit and veg displays? Want to order larger quantities for commercial use? Feel free to contact us and have a chat about your requirements.