Herb it Up – Artificial Herbs For Decorating

wooden background with box of herbs

Herbs are generally defined in contrast to other flowers and plants. Perhaps, because they are used in flavouring, food, medicine or perfume. In the field of botany, however, herbs are defined as any small, seed-bearing plants. It also mentions they do not have a woody stem and which die down to the ground at the end of a growing season. In these two definitions, we can already get a sense of both the joys and the potential problems with herbs when using them to add character to a space. On the one hand, they are associated with health, with nourishment and with a sense of humankind’s connection to the bounties of the soil. On the other hand, they can come and go with the seasons. So let’s a take a look at how and why to try artificial herbs for decorating …

Artificial Herbs For a Rustic Twist

Many have, for some time now, got to grips with how impressive high quality artificial flowers and plants can be. However, there are still many people who are yet to discover the great potential of artificial herbs for decorating. The principle is the same, but the style offers a rustic twist on that more traditional look of artificial flowers. Today, the level of nuanced detail in the texture, shape and colour of artificial herbs is extremely advanced. (Check out our range of faux herbs to see). As such, they can give you a golden opportunity to really nail that rustic, natural look. Artificial herbs can bottle up that beautiful sense of calm offered by botanical gardens, and deliver it to you in a easy to manage package.

The popular herbs which most people would love to have in their garden or home would be those fragrant and health boosting ones such as rosemary, sage, thyme, mint, bay, chives, oregano, tarragon, eucalyptus, lavender and aloe vera, among others. When you think about this collection of herbs, it should not only be thoughts of their scents that come to mind. They also each have richly characterful appearance which can lift moods and feed into a relaxing atmosphere. This is exactly why artificial herbs have real value in decor.

Ideal For Commercial or Home

Much like artificial flowers, artificial herbs can be very useful in commercial settings such as restaurants and cafes. The huge bonus is that you will be able to place them anywhere in the room. Whether on the windowsill or on the tables, and they will stay in premium condition. They would similarly bring a lot to the look of hotels and B&Bs – especially if you are thinking about how to add texture and visual interest to those little tucked away areas. Artificial herbs of course do not need any sunlight or fresh air, so you can place them in spots where real herbs and flowers would not last. This is also what might make them beneficial to interior or exterior decor at home.

Add Character to Your Decor

When using artificial herbs for decorating your space or as part of a floral display, they bring a kind of quality that not only is about visual appeal, but also character. Herbs – perhaps even more than flowers – tell a story about the space they decorate. Because herbs are generally associated with cooking, just the sight of them will give the idea – if unconsciously – that the room is lived in. In this way, with artificial herbs, you will be able to create that sought after lived-in essence instantly. This is what makes them perfect for show homes, showrooms and photo shoots, as well as theatre and film sets. In these scenarios, you only have a short period of time to creatively express to a collection of people the story and pre-history of a given location.

We would also highly recommend the use of artificial herbs in areas such as offices. Especially if you are welcoming a team back to work. They will create an atmosphere of friendly, familial comfort that could serve to increase people’s feeling of well-being. Many of the artificial herbs you can get from our range are nice and compact, so they could also work as a more aesthetically appealing way to portion off a shared desk in a workspace.

What Are The Benefits of Artificial Herbs?

  • Saves money in the long run – no need to replace
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to care for
  • Saves time
  • Consistent look and style for your brand or home
  • Seasonal looks all year round
  • Better for allergies

There are a multitude of benefits to opting for artificial herbs. Especially if you are putting together the interior and exterior design of a number of shops, bars or restaurants. Decoration is extremely important in each of these cases – but we know that it can also be rather expensive! With artificial herbs, the levels of expense need not be so high. These artificial options are going to be long lasting, so it means you can set them up and not have to spend money replacing them as you would real herbs.

This provides additional advantages that go beyond the important matter of cost. It also means that you will have more control over the look of your commercial space across all locations. If you choose to use real herbs across your stores, you may encounter some problems over the next few years. As living herbs will need tending to, they take up time and – in a commercial sense – time is indeed money. But because you will need to look after them, and because they react to changeable atmospheric conditions, there is also no telling that the herbs in one branch of your store are going to last for the same amount of time as herbs in another branch.

As a result, this might lead to a lack of consistency over time across your locations. However, if you set up some high quality artificial herbs across all your locations, you will not need to worry about this. They require next to no care, will stay in prime condition and always looking as fresh as they did when you purchased them. Being outside the contingency of seasonal changes and regular maintenance means that artificial herbs are a more reliable option. This, in turn, means that you will not be needing to have herbs replaced continually here and there. Like some kind of game of spinning plates!

Refreshing Fragrance – Less Sneezes

On top of the huge benefits of aesthetic consistency, cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance, there is another big advantage. Although the scents of herbs for many are lovely, they also can be the cause of allergies to others. It is impossible for you to know who is going to be troubled by the pollen from plants. In this way, using artificial herbs for decorating, you can get all the visual benefits without risking the eruption of a cacophony of sneezes! Try combining gentler sources of fragrance – such as oil diffusers – with artificial plants and herbs. You will be getting the best of both worlds.