Nature Themed Interiors

cafe interior with green walls and nature theme

There is nothing more uplifting in the realms of interior design than décor that brings the outside inside, refreshing the rooms of a home or a commercial space with touches of nature themed beauty. Breathing life into any space, little accents of the outdoor world can really work wonders in creating a peaceful and balanced ambience.

Green is the Colour

One of the central colours that will be called into action when you are looking to experiment with nature themed interiors is green. This will be the colour that evokes the outdoors in the most effective of ways. Whether presented through natural or artificial leaves or plants, the paint on the walls or accessories, this colour will set the tone of your space.

If you have some greenery in your home or business, you will find that this style will create a fresh, spacious, organic and natural feel. You can then even spread the colour beyond simply touches of foliage to a dining area for example, where green napkins and green tablecloths can enhance the theme. Furthermore, in combination with the green features, natural wood shades and textures will always be a harmonious marriage.

Nature Themed Motifs

By using strategically positioned greenery in combination with other decorative items and ornaments that have natural motifs (such as leaves, flowers, grasses and trees) you can begin to develop a theme which flows through the rooms of your home or business. As such, instead of making a change to one specific area, you will be coordinating the entire space so that the joyful, natural mood is threaded through the very essence of your interior space.

Although this sounds like it might take a lot of time to perfect, it is actually an easier job than it sounds, as it is all about subtle and effective suggestions. With a leaf themed cushion here and a pot of artificial plants there, you will be able to create a mood which in an understated, yet distinctive manner will characterise the whole area. Take a look at our selection of homewares and decorative items to find some excellent pieces to include.

Low Maintenance Artificial Plants

One thing that you might be thinking is that leaves, plants and flowers are all very well, but they will require lots of time, effort and, eventually, money for replacements. If you are going down the organic route with some organic roots, then this is true. Thankfully though, there are other ways of achieving the natural look. By investing in some top-quality artificial plants, you will not have to worry about the whole added element of tending to the conditions of the plants.

Unlike truly natural options, artificial plants will be long-lasting and low maintenance, so that you know that they will look as good much later down the line as they do when you have purchased them. They are also available in UV resistant and flame retardant options. Read more about the benefits of flame retardant artificial plants in our blog post here.

A great technique that you can go for too is to intersperse the natural with the artificial. In this way, you can have your artificial plants set up as a decorative base, and then you leave the space to mix into that layout a shifting natural plant or flower arrangement.


There are many different ways that you can keep your nature themed décor fresh and exciting. Just with the fabulously life-like artificial foliage, potted plants and trees in our range, the level of quality and the breadth of options is such that you can curate and create something truly unique with your nature themed interior décor.

This might include bright botanical prints and colourful flowers, rich and wholesome potted plants, subtle greenery, impressive living walls and adorable succulents. Once you enter this world of artificial plant goodness, your décor horizons will be widened and you will realise that a living space becomes so much more relaxing, hospitable and generally more aesthetically pleasing with an added sprinkle of the natural theme.

Go ahead! Bring the outdoors in!