Spring Decorating with Artificial Blossom

artificial blossom branches in white vases on wooden board, blue chair

As the weather brightens and the days lengthen, the natural landscape comes alive once more. The end of the winter period signals a change in the appearance of the everyday. What we crave at this time is freshness, new life and colour. We welcome the blooms and blossoms that transform the fields, parks and forests. As we usher in the spring months, whether at home or in a commercial environment, try taking a cue from nature in your decorations. Bringing fresh colours into your design palette is a great way of giving the same space a completely new feel. However, there is of course a shelf life to using real blooms and blossoms. So let’s explore ways to decorate with artificial blossom, for an easy to maintain and longer lasting spring decor option!

Benefits of Artificial Blossom

One of the problems with using real flowers or blossom is that you would need to provide water and make sure that they are seeing enough sunlight. Otherwise, they will turn from fabulously bright to sad and shrivelled. This is where high quality, finely crafted faux blossom decorations can answer all our prayers! Nowadays, the extremely realistic artificial blossom trees, branches and bouquets available will make that kind of reviving statement that matches the glorious natural transformations of spring (without any of the hassle).

Artificial blossom is a long lasting and easy to manage alternative to the real thing. But there are other reasons why you might consider making use of the artificial option. If you are decorating your shop, business or event, you may not want to use real flowers because of the risk of irritating some visitors’ hay fever. Also, using versatile fake blossom gives you more flexibility when you have awkward spaces or structures that you want to decorate. Plus, they are reusable. When the springtime drifts into the summer months and you welcome in another design refresh, you can simply store your artificial blossom away somewhere safe ready to use them come next spring. So, it not only easy to manage but also a good investment in terms of financial savings.

Pop of Pastel Colour

We love springtime because of the explosion of pastel colours. This refreshing pop of colour can be represented in your interior decor with some touches of artificial blossom. Pink can create a feel that is light and full of spark and energy. Combine with white blooms and you will have yourself a classic mix for a romantic touch. Just as attractive in the home as in a café, restaurant, shop, hotel or spa environment.

We also love the purity and classical beauty of pastel blues and yellows. These colours can give a room the feel of an impressionistic garden scene painting come to life. Touches of blue, white, lavender, yellow or pink will make you feel like you are entering a Monet or a Renoir as you step into the room.

Spring Glamour

As well as the timeless beauty of the pastel colours, you could also bring a splash of glamorous magic into your interior decor by combining blossom with touches of shimmer and shine. For evening drinks parties, or for an atmospheric effect in a restaurant, place your artificial blossoms in dialogue with some sparkle such as pearls, gold or glass ornaments, or fairylights.

Rustic Countryside

On the other hand, the versatility of artificial blooms is such that you can go the rustic route. Bring things very much back to nature. Create a grounded, timeless, organic feel by celebrating textures and materials. Add twigs, wood, basketware or matte metallic elements into a window or a table decoration along with your blossoms. This style will evoke the spirit of the countryside, orchards and the natural world whilst also helping to create a warm, welcoming and relaxed ambience. You can even mix in elements of moss or foliage with your artificial blossom for a style that will be equal parts forest fairytale and rural rustic.

Artificial Blossom For Weddings & Events

We love the effect of using artificial blossom for weddings. Go for a big statement such as using a blossom canopy tree to wow quests and create a romantic look. Don’t forget to use some lighting such as fairy lights with the tree for a touch of evening twinkle and atmosphere too.

Or try artificial blossom as part of your centrepiece decorations. You can do this to great effect in a stress free and yet highly striking way by keeping things minimal. Let the beauty of the artificial blossom be the star of the show by highlighting their best qualities in a simple clear glass vase and white or cream table dressing.

Pretty Seasonal Decorations

Since blossom is so much bound to the season, It can also be perfect for seasonal celebrations. Easter is of course the big seasonal celebration, but then there are also those dates in the calendar such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day that are nestled into February and March. Any of these events can be marked with some decorations that nod towards the spring aesthetic. Draw in customers or welcome guests with some cute window displays that speak of the joys of the season!

Spring Bouquets

For those days of celebration such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or spring birthdays, you might also think about combining artificial blossoms to make eye-catching and detailed bouquets. Capturing the freshness of spring, without worrying about their freshness fading! Again, the benefit of these is that they be created well in advance and will still be a delight to the eyes through the season and as we head into summer.

Artificial Blossom in the Home

As well as creating a buzz of energy in a commercial space, there is something welcoming and fresh about the feel of a spring blossom at home. From a display set at the centre of the kitchen or the dining table, to positioned on a sideboard or shelf. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, but rather it turns the new season into the special occasion that it should always be. Guests will feed off the brightness and energy that the flowers will exude.

Vases, Pots and Planters

Pick up a container that compliments the colour of your artificial blossom and interior. Go minimal with single colour blossom branches and a simple vase positioned in pride of place on the table. Or, you can create different points of interest across multiple levels by setting up some planters and pots on the floor. This works especially well with artificial blossom branches that have a longer stem and so reach upwards to make use of the space above. Fill empty space with these delicate and refined flowers and the room will take on a fresh new character.

Decorating Structures

You can also do a lot with artificial blossom when placed in or around structures such as archways, spiral staircases, bookcases or other furnishings. Great for adding height, texture and interest to your decorations. These spring sprinklings of cheerful colour will help these features come to life in a new way. Whether in your home, business or commercial space the effect will bring a feeling of positivity, energy and excitement for spring.