Why Use Artificial Hanging Baskets For Your Business

flower hanging baskets outside a business

Our experience of the world is a sensory matter. Certain things attract us, while other things will put us off. When you have a business you will be well aware that the experience of a customer or client will not begin once you are shaking hands or starting up the first conversation. It will have started long before that point. We take a look at how artificial hanging baskets can enhance that first impression customers have of your business in an easy, beautiful and low maintenance way.

Attract Attention With Beautiful Artificial Hanging Baskets

So, what will the outside world be picking up on long before they have entered your business premises? Well, they might be basing an initial subconscious response on the look of the building. Much in the same way as a face-to-face encounter’s most crucial moments are the first few seconds. A good deal of the reaction is going on below the conscious surface level. So first impressions count.

This is where the hanging basket comes into play. It will give you a chance to take control of this initial reaction, by adding an undeniably beautiful welcoming element to the exterior of the building. This will also be seen from a long distance, helping to catch attention and attract people to your door. Whether you have a bar, a restaurant, a hotel, a shop, or any other kind of business where you want to create positive interest from those passing by, the hanging basket is the ideal accessory for the job of self-presentation. They also work wonderfully well if you are setting up an event.

Care & Detail

What does a hanging basket or two say about your business or event, then? The answer is simple but important. People who are walking along and see a row of perfectly maintained hanging baskets will immediately make the logical connection and feel as though the interior will be just as well maintained and attractive.

By having this added detail on the exterior of the business, you are showing that you are people who do indeed care about these little added details, who are all about making sure that every aspect of the way in which you put together the layout of your business is done so for maximum aesthetic quality. And, as long as you do make sure it looks just as nice on the inside, you are onto a winning system!

Space Saving

Artificial hanging baskets and troughs are also a great option if you have limited space outside the front of your business. They hang up higher and so don’t take up valuable ground space that could be used for chairs and tables, displays of goods or even signs or storage. It also keeps them away from potential damage from passers by who may accidentally knock them.

Floral Displays For Any Season or Occasion

As the faux floral displays are long-lasting and stay looking stunning whatever the weather, you can use them year round. You could also choose to have a selection of different artificial hanging baskets to suit different events or seasons. Then simply switch them over when the time comes and keep reusing them year after year.

Why Artificial Hanging Baskets?

If it is in your interest to ensure that the hanging baskets are looking pristine at all times, then there is one simple step that you can take to make this an easy job. Go artificial! With artificial hanging baskets being made today to such a supremely high standard in appearance and even texture, it really is a no-brainer as to whether or not you should explore the artificial possibilities when it comes to hanging baskets.

With a high-quality hanging basket, all you need to do really is set them up. Artificial hanging baskets are easy to maintain and care for once they are in place. No need to water, feed, prune or dead head like real flowers – saving you time! They are long-lasting and they can also by made with UV resistant and flame retardant flowers and foliage. An unbeatable floral option! You will only need to change them when you feel like it, and not because the colours are fading.

We offer some fabulous ready made artificial hanging baskets in our collection online that you can explore. We can also cater for many bespoke commercial projects to achieve the look you wish for your business premises.

Our Bespoke Commercial Projects

Our Commercial Design & Build Team can create fabulously high-quality bespoke artificial hanging baskets, troughs and any other floral displays to match your business’s branding and style.

We recently worked on a commercial project for Ye Olde Kings Head, which you may of spotted on Britain’s Most Haunted. Harry Achilleos, the proud owner of Ye Olde Kings Head pub wished us to create 16th century-relevant luxury artificial hanging baskets. He wanted the floral displays to be in keeping with the pub itself and feature flowers and foliage that you might once have seen in the gardens a 16th century home. Using the iron baskets and troughs provided by Harry, we worked to create stunning bespoke arrangements. They included 10 separate artificial products to help bring Harry’s vision to life.

Interested in finding out more? Simply contact us for a chat we can see what we can achieve together!