An Introduction to MadeByZen

MadebyZen Bhudda ornament

MadeByZen is the cornerstone of our home fragrance department here at Inspirations Wholesale. The U.K. based company is most famous for their collection of electronic aroma diffusers and essential oil blends that use cutting edge technology to create a sense of ultimate relaxation.

These beautifully designed machines are operate using a combination of tap water and optional essential oil to produce a scented mist that both fragrances your space and improves air quality.  Using advanced ultrasonic technology, the devices produce small vibrations that distribute the fragrance without producing heat that would otherwise destroy the natural properties of the oils. The tiny droplets of water vapour that are produced have been found to be highly beneficial for our skin and provide some relief for those with symptoms of respiratory problems. Not only are the machines mini humidifiers, they are also ionisers as they release negative ions into the air and counter the effects of harmful positive ions.

MadeByZen Aroma Diffuser Kasper on table emitting mist
MadeByZen Kasper Aroma Diffuser

To use the machine, simply fill it up to the designated fill level with tap water and add your oil of choice before turning the machine on. We recommend using 3 or 4 drops of oil but this is dependent on personal preference. Customers are able to customise their fragrance as they decide what oils to use and what strength of smell they would like. Just cooked fish or something smelly? Put in a good 6-7 drops to create a strong and lasting fragrance. Wanting something more subtle? Use just one or two drops for a more gentle aroma.

Additional features are dependent on the exact model and include, mood lighting, a timer function, built in Bluetooth speaker and even an alarm clock. For devices with mood lighting there is an added option to select which colour you would like or alternatively enjoy a colour changing glow.

All MadeByZen aroma diffusers are carefully packaged inside an elegant display box and come complete with a complimentary gift bag and ribbon. For fans of a particular fragrance, keep an eye out for matching reed diffusers and ceramic scented stones also available in the collection.

Come and visit us in-store to view our entire range of MadeByZen products, view a demonstration and smell some of the fantastic fragrances available.