Cosy Up With an Alpine Christmas Theme

alpine ski lodge christmas theme

We love that feeling that is generated by the cosiness and warmth of home during the festive period. There are lots of different factors which come together to create this magical feeling. Some of those will be to do with the joyful sense of returning to family and friends over the winter break. You might also get a literal feeling of warmth from a glowing fire! But then, there are many ways in which that welcoming, warm, relaxing feeling can be enhanced by the stylistic choices you make with your Christmas d├ęcor. One such style that can work wonders is the alpine Christmas theme.

This alpine inspired theme allows you to feel like you are cosied up in the warm in a luxury mountain ski lodge! Even when we can’t always rely on the weather for that ideal frosty, icy, snowy Christmas, this festive theme can give you that same feeling. Little decorative touches which nod to snowy, alpine conditions help add an extra bit of toastiness to the warm, comfortable interior space. Even if you don’t have to clear away the snow outside your door to head out on your Christmas walk, you can still add a beautifully snowy and traditional atmosphere that will add so much to the build up, as well as the day of celebration itself.

Let’s Start – Choosing The Tree

The tree is central to your whole festive setup. The Christmas tree is, quite rightly, the centre of attention. It is where you all gather around on Christmas day, as well as being there in the hub of the home during the whole winter break or the focal point at events or commercial spaces. Therefore, it is important that you make the choice that best suits the festive style you are aiming for.

If you are opting for the ski lodge look, then the snowy flocked tree is a fabulous choice! At Inspirations, you will be able to pick up artificial Christmas trees that are amazingly realistic, as well as attractive and elegant. This means that if you are after a spruce, pine or fir tree which will many years, artificial options will be the way forward. But for the alpine look, it is even more handy: it would be rather difficult to have a genuinely snowy tree in the home throughout Christmas, but with the artificial snow flocked trees, it is a thing of ease!

Alpine Theme Tree Decorations

As well as creating that natural, rustic look through the snowy detailing on your tree, you might want to add to this theme with your choice of decorations. When developing the snowy alpine ski lodge theme, you will be looking to bring into play lots of traditional wooden, rather than shiny glass, decorations. These more traditional decorative items will create the impression of the wooden ski lodge, and you can even be more explicit with skiing themed ornaments.

On the tree, for example, you might like to hang some little wooden skis, ski lifts, faux fur boots or skating decorations. On top of that, however, there will also be some space for baubles – it is only right! Perhaps snow covered or filled baubles might be worth considering, as it will combine with your choice of the snowy tree. Other symbols which connect the ski lodge and alpine look include nature and animals such as deer, birds, snowflakes and trees.

Colour Scheme

With an alpine lodge theme for Christmas, the core colours we tend to use are blue and white. However, you can opt for golden brown or copper rather than shimmering, shining, glittery gold to bring in touches of warmth. Although there will be room for a little bit of sparkle, the overall scheme should present something a little bit more rustic. Fairy lights in warm white work wonders for providing a warming glow around your tree and decorations.

Silver, on the other hand, will be an appropriate colour to bring into the mix, as it might create that fantastic effect of sunlight or moonlight reflecting off the shiny surface of a snow-covered scene. A little twinkle evokes that classic Christmas motif of the starry sky when you combine it with touches of light and dark blue. These will be key for the ski lodge theme, as these shades of blue will represent the sunlit sky in the day and the deeper, darker blue sky as the day eases into the evening.

Expanding The Alpine Theme

As you will see from our collection, there really are lots of directions to take the ski lodge theme, but there are a few key elements which each decoration will offer. As mentioned above, often the decorations are wooden,. This much is seen in the wooden tree skirts, as well as the trays for serving. If not wooden, then decorations in this theme can nevertheless have that traditional, rustic and cosy feel. Try extras such as metal lanterns, faux fur throws and pine cones. Bring all this together, and you will create the environment for just about the most comforting couple of weeks over Christmas possible!