Create a Candy Cane Christmas Theme

candy canes on red background

Christmas is a great time for all those of us who enjoy creating themes through interior décor. This candy cane Christmas theme is one of friendly fun, warmth and magic. All this can be expressed wonderfully through your own festive decorations. A well put together theme can help to enhance those feelings of festive excitement and allow them to reach new heights.

We are always looking for fresh ways in which to approach all kinds of décor, including seasonal decorations. One of the ways of approaching Christmas decorations is by picking up on a central festive motif and really running with it. So, let’s start with the iconic candy cane and see how we can expand on this motif throughout your festive decorations this year.

take a trip down candy cane lane - decorations on a christmas tree

Candy Cane – An Iconic Christmas Decoration

There is nothing else which evokes the joyful spirit of the festive period quite so succinctly as the candy cane. Its electric red and/or bright green stripes in contrast with a sugary, snowy white simply screams Christmas. Their image matches their taste, with one bite of a candy cane telling you that this is no longer part of the everyday, but a fully fledged treat. There is something indulgent, nostalgic and celebratory about a candy cane that sets the party mood in motion. Over the Christmas break, whatever you are doing, it is nice to feel that festive buzz in the air. Candy canes seem to distil that mood into one sweet crunch.

It is not just about the flavour of a real candy cane, however, but also the appearance of candy cane inspired decorations. Candy canes, just in their shape and their colour, seem to unlock that inner child in all of us. Needless to say, they also spell a lot of fun for little ones themselves! Christmas, for however long a break you might have, is almost unique in the way it spreads a feeling of extraordinary magic. What better way to make what is otherwise a normal day all the more sweet than with candy cane themed decorations?

Festive Nostalgia

There is a strong, almost romantic, sense of nostalgia in Christmas. Part of the skill of achieving this feeling comes from embracing (with open arms) the novelty, the sweetness and indeed the indulgent fun of the days of celebration with loved ones. Wonderfully festive touches like hanging candy canes on a Christmas tree can remind you once again of that feeling of childhood wonder, when you no longer need to take things so seriously and you can just go with the flow of the celebrations.

fun sweet merry - faux candy canes and sweet christmas decorations

Start with the Christmas Tree

We all need some brightness and shine in our winter holidays, this year more than ever! By hanging either real candy canes, or candy cane themed decorations, on the Christmas tree, you might introduce a brightness to contrast with the rich, earthy green or snowy flocked branches of the tree. These decorative touches will create so much fun and excitement in the buildup to the day itself. Just make sure that you don’t eat through all of them before the 25th!

Snowy Imperial Pine Artificial Christmas Tree 10ft

For our candy cane lane Christmas theme we started with a stunning snow covered artificial Christmas tree as our base. Such as our Snowy Imperial Pine available in a range of sizes. The hints of the green branches seen underneath the realistic snow flocking compliment the red, white and green colouring of the candy cane theme nicely. While the snowy finish itself could almost be a sugary covering!

Don’t forget the lights! We used LED lights with a warmer white to give a nice glow behind the bright yet cool colours of the candy cane theme decorations.

Candy Cane Decorations

Next, we have a selection of feature decorations to create an eye catching display. Of course you have the large statement cane candy shaped decorations that team together with other faux sweets, lollipops and cupcakes. Think sugar overdose with a touch of sparkle!

Balance these wonderfully bold decorations with some shatterproof baubles in red, green and white to continue the theme and fill the more awkward gaps that you inevitably end up when decorating a tree. Why not try a dash of red and white striped baubles to extended the candy cane look. You can also use giant baubles or festive ribbon to create bows and loops for additional texture and interest. This theme is all about having some fun and being a little excessive!

And More…

Candy canes don’t just have a place on the tree, however, as you can also thread the theme through other aspects of your festive decorations this year. You might opt for larger candy cane ornaments to act as striking focal points in one of your rooms. We enjoyed crossing over two candy canes and using beaded garlands and striped baubles strung from the centre to create focal point on a wall.

candy cane and sweet Christmas decorations

Other ways to use the theme across your festive decorations include decorating a wreath with the same colours and motifs used on your tree. And don’t forget the garlands, from foliage based to strings of sweet decorations there are various designs you can use. Wrap them around stairs, over fireplaces, along window sills, over doorframes and as part of your table centrepieces. Then, why not add some clear jars of real sweeties and candy canes for that extra special indulgent touch.

Touches of Other Themes

You could also combine the candy cane theme with some of the other symbols of the Christmas period, such as Santa’s elves or even a seasonal touch of bright red and white mushrooms or berries. Candy canes could also be used in combination with cute little animal figures, such as teddy bears, to add to the nostalgic effect. If these other items can follow the colour scheme of red, white and green and also match the mood of the theme (fun, sweet and merry) then feel free to experiment with some of your own additions. This would be a superb way to spread a good measure of fun this Christmas!