Decorating with Micro LED Lights

semi circle of micro led lights

The Christmas period is a wonderful time for those of us who like to experiment with festive decorations. There are all sorts of ways in which to express yourself through your decoration choices. For example, you can do so much with some handy micro LED lights! Take a look through our ideas and you can pick out many different ways to use micro LED lights to decorate your home, business or event at Christmas (any beyond).

What are Micro Wire Lights?

Micro LED lights can be your best friends when it comes to Christmas decorations, whether you are doing up your house for a Christmas party, or decorating a shop or café. One of the reasons why they are popular is because they are much brighter than older technologies, whilst they are at the same time highly energy efficient. They will also be good for more than just one Christmas, as they are very durable thanks to the fact that they do not suffer from the same level of pixel degradation as traditional LEDs.

Discrete & Versatile

With a micro LED set, you have a discrete and versatile decoration option. You will be able to shape them around almost anything, thanks to many of the available designs that feature flexible wiring that holds its shape. Battery operated versions will also allow you to decorate in areas that don’t have easy access to sockets. This is all before even considering the magnificent visual effect. Micro LEDs can offer a magical, atmospheric kind of lighting that is much like floating candlelight. So you will be able to create a similar ambience as you would with lots of carefully arranged lit flames, but without any of the risk of fire hazards. This is again great for commercial spaces, as well as for homes with little ones and maybe a few pets roaming around!

Delicate Lighting For Your Christmas Trees

Micro LED lights look beautiful when woven through the Christmas tree. The delicacy of the floating lights are such that it goes together well with a smaller tree or a minimalist style. The precise dots of light will look like stars in a clear winter night’s sky. You can pick up micro wire bunches from our online store which would be great for the tree. They come in 10 strings of 2 metres, and they can be shaped in any way you wish because of the wires which can hold in any direction. They work especially well if you want to hang the lights on the tree vertically for a more unusual effect.

Use Them Around Branches

As well as using them in the tree itself, you can also use them around twig trees or branches on display in a vase. Alternatively, try micro wire LED lights in the garden around branches and within bushes to create a magical glowing effect when it gets dark. (Make sure the set you buy are suitable for outdoor use). This would also look highly appealing in the outdoor area of any restaurant, hotel or bar. The pureness and warmth of these bright floating lights would create a dreamlike outdoor ambience that would suit the seasonal celebrations. If you have some smaller trees in the garden, then you will be able to dangle the micro wire bunches from branches as though they are light-infused willow tree branches.

Magical Micro LED Lights in Jars and Vases

To create a lantern effect, you can also use micro LED lights in jars and glass vases. With some battery powered bunches of micro LEDs, you can turn many an old jar or even a old bottle into a beautiful feature to light up the room. These makeshift lanterns would be great in the corner of the room for characterful lighting, or on the dinner table to create a warm and convivial mood for Christmas meals. Combine your micro LED lights in larger vases with items such as baubles and pinecones, and you will have yourself a stunning centrepiece either for the dining table or the mantelpiece.

Sparkle For Your Wreaths or Garlands

Want to add a sparkle of brightness to your wreaths and garlands? Weaving in some micro LEDs will give you precisely this effect. Wreaths look wonderful in the daytime, but if they don’t have any lights woven into them then they will not look so warming come the evening time. With some micro LEDs, they will have just as joyful an effect in the daytime as in the nighttime. With that said, we don’t all have the time in this busy period to make our own wreaths. If you want to pick up some ready made micro LED wreaths, then you will be able to do just that with some intricately crafted options right here at Inspirations Wholesale.

Wrap Them Round Mirrors or Picture Frames

Back indoors, you might like to think about how micro LEDs can enhance those items of interior design which are there all year round. For instance, over the festive period, you can make the most of mirrors and picture frames by tracing your lights around the edge. This turns these traditional features into a festive focal point. We think that this is a great touch through the year for celebratory occasions, and during Christmas the mood is especially apt for this dance of glittering light.

Add Warmth to an Unlit Fireplace

The light of micro LEDs is not only dazzling but also warming. For this reason, they offer a brilliant way of decorating an unlit fireplace. If you have a fireplace that isn’t in use, this doesn’t mean that it should give you a feeling a warmth. This feeling can be achieved if you wrap some micro LEDs around logs or around Christmas tree branches and set them up in the fireplace. The glow of the lights will give you that same welcoming feeling of cosiness that a lit fire would provide – but a bit safer for the festive season.

Glow For Your Table Centrepiece

In a similar way, the warm glow and discrete wiring make the micro LED lights ideal for the Christmas table centrepiece. Wrap them through foliage and other decorations for a wonderful finishing touch. Choose a battery operated version to avoid having wires trailing from the table to the plug socket. This is far safer than having real candles on the table, especially if you have little ones around. Yet gives that cosy atmosphere we all desire at this time of year.

Micro LED Baubles & Light Up Decorations

You will also see in our collection that there are some battery powered bauble style decorations which contain micro LED lights. These lights shine out of the clear bauble design, so that they become fairy lights and baubles all in one. Baubles and other micro LED hanging decorations would bring a delicate touch of warm festive light when hanging from the mantelpiece, from high ceilings or window displays.