Natural Christmas Theme

Nature theme christmas

When Christmas comes round once more, whether you are decorating your home or a commercial space, you will be having to make those all important decisions to do with how you will bring together all your decorations under one unifying colour theme. One option that we would highly recommend is the natural Christmas theme, which allows you to do up your space in a way which simply exudes tradition, rustic charm and a wholesome feeling of good cheer.

Establishing a Natural Theme

There are going to be certain central textures and colours which will really get the ball rolling when it comes to your natural Christmas theme. Part of this is of course going to be setting up that main focal point, which is the Christmas tree. Interestingly though, if you are worrying about leaking needles everywhere, especially if you are decorating a bar, hotel, shop or event space, you can actually do the natural Christmas theme just as well with an artificial Christmas tree, so authentic-looking are these trees nowadays. Just go for the pine green options, and you will have got off to a good start. A faux fur tree skirt might also do the trick if you are looking to make the overall piece appear more rounded and finished with care.

Light up your Christmas scene

Christmas lights are integral for any Christmas theme of course. They bring a sense of dazzling magic, and offer a fun light source which plays off many of the other decorations so as to create a wonderful atmosphere. If you are going for the natural Christmas theme though, you will probably want to keep the lights warm white or classic warm white. Alternatively, you could choose a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree or LED candles might also do the trick to create that gentle, mellow, natural feel.

Woodland Decorations

To maximise the woodland feel, you should explore what kind of animal themed decorations you can work into your theme. These nods towards owls, hedgehogs, deer, birds and more will look great on the tree, and what is even better is if you will be able to choose some natural Christmas theme decorations which are crafted out of wood as well, so that you can double up on the natural vibes.

Garlands and Wreaths

Getting as much brown, dark green, pine cone and berry in to your aesthetic will be key. One way to do this is with some natural-looking garlands and wreaths. These will combine with the look of the tree itself to capture an essence of that outdoor, crisp, wintry feeling and place it within the realms of the interior. A key element that you can incorporate into these features is eucalyptus. We have many high quality artificial eucalyptus plants and berry wreaths for you to choose from. Take a look at our Christmas artificial wreath and garland collection here.

Wicker Wonderlands

Think about how you can get the textural detail of wicker into the theme. This could come in the form of a wreath, such as the intricate wicker wreaths available in our collection. However, there are also other wicker decorations that you could choose, such as wicker stars, or wicker Christmas tree decorations.

Warm and Soft Textures

The natural theme is in part about creating a peaceful kind of look, one which makes people relax and unwind. This can be done with textures such as wood and fur. Bring these into your Christmas look in order to achieve that warm, gentle, calming and cosy atmosphere. For example try including faux fur throws or rugs and other wooden Christmas decorations and accessories.

Warm Colour Blends

If there is one classic Christmas colour that goes well with the a natural Christmas theme, it’s gold. A warming and glorious colour! With gold baubles and hanging decorations you can blend these elements into the natural colours and make something magnificent. You could also expand on classic gold to discover other warm and rustic metallics that compliment your natural Christmas theme.

Beyond the Christmas Tree

Whilst we have already looked at adding additional texture, you can expand further on your natural Christmas theme. Try a statement piece such as a large standing reindeer for wow factor! Experiment with accessorising using metal buckets, sledge candle holders, gold tableware, branches and wooden occasional furniture. Let your imagine go with those natural, woodland, rich and rustic ideas, and have fun!

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