Pink Christmas Themes

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We love putting together beautiful themes come Christmas time. This festive holiday period offers the perfect opportunity to flex those interior design muscles. There are the bigger parts of the puzzle such as the tree, then there are those smaller festive details which are just as important. You will also find that there are lots of different approaches you might think about taking with your festive look, but let’s explore some really exciting pink Christmas themes!

The Magic of Christmas

Christmas is already a magical time. You can see this in the delicate pink skies on a frosty winters morning or when taking in the twinkling lights during an evening stroll along the high street. We think that you can take inspiration from these moments and heighten the sense of magic with a beautiful pink Christmas themes such as our Romantica theme.

Starting Pink Christmas Themes

To start your pink Christmas theme, it’s handy to begin with the star of the show – the Christmas tree! In our Romantica theme we have chosen a beautiful white artificial Christmas tree that works perfectly with the pinks and other colours in the theme. However, you don’t have to stick to a white tree, you could choose a green or snow flocked tree if you wanted a little more of a natural look as your base.

Using different shades of pink, you can give your tree, home or event a delicate and classy romantic touch or a cute fairytale quality. Combining colours such as a blush pink with pearl or winter white baubles would give the tree an almost dreamlike aura. You can also add some champagne or rose gold coloured Christmas tree baubles to the tree to create a luxurious and attractive colour palette.

Spread Those Wings

As well as making use of pretty pink baubles on the tree, you can add some butterfly hanging decorations into the mix. The shapes of these decorations in themselves will heighten that gorgeous sense of delicacy. In terms of colour, you will be able to find plenty of wonderful pink, silver, gold, rose gold and champagne butterfly decoration designs in our collection. When we are talking about wings, we can’t forget about festive birds too. Explore the opportunities to get some bird-themed decorations in play and you will have festive lift-off!

A Fairytale Christmas

Similar to those birds and butterflies, there are other winged beauties which might create an even more magical vibe. If you are really going for that fairytale look and feel, then you will definitely want to include some fairy or angel tree decorations alongside your base of pink baubles. We love adorable little fairies when it comes to Christmas tree decorations as well as the classical angel tree topper. They can even be placed elsewhere in the home so that you can spread the magic. Fairies can be great too when combined with unicorn decorations over the Christmas period. You will be able to find some white and pink shimmering unicorn decorations right here in our store!

A World of Texture

Christmas decorations don’t just please through their colours and shapes, but also through their textures. To make full use of all that pink Christmas themes should offer, you should explore such textural variations. One way of doing this is with some lovely feather boas. When you have some bird-themed and angel themed decorations already, the soft and gentle addition of some light pink, fluffy white or pearl feathers will be a great addition wrapped around the tree. Also, think about those small details which can really add so much. This is where texture plays a big role, for example with details worked into the design of certain baubles and other hanging decorations such as beaded garlands.

For an extra romantic and luxurious textural touch try adding festive flowers into your pink Christmas theme. Explore our excellent range of roses, hydrangea, peonies and more gorgeous flowers in variety of velvet pink, blush pink, old pink and many more.

A Touch of Sparkle

The pink Christmas themes are very much for those who like a magical, uplifting, high-spirited atmosphere. There is almost that sense of a party bubbling away with this look. Little touches of sparkle with bring this to the fore. Choose for example from our range of diamante baubles and Christmas ribbons. Think too about how decorations with shiny floral patterns will catch the light and bring an infectious energy to your pink theme. This element of precise detail and pure brilliance will cap it all off in some style!

Beyond the Christmas Tree

Going beyond the main focal point of your wonderfully created pink Christmas tree, you can also look towards other areas of your decor to accessorise with the Romantica pink theme. A few key items will help to bring the theme together and spread the delicate romantic touches around your space.

Explore and shop the Romantica pink Christmas theme in our Festive Lookbook.