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luxury galaxy gazebo with rattan furniture

British summers can be unpredictable at the best of times, but making the most of your outside space during this time doesn’t have to be a faff! Our new luxury metal gazebo collection offers excellent opportunities for you to utilise the outdoors come rain or shine. Explore the exceptional quality and clever features that make this versatile gazebo the ideal choice for domestic or commercial use. Watch our video demo and guide on the Galaxy Gazebo range.

Watch our demo video for a walk through of the Luxury Galaxy Gazebo and it’s features.

Explore the Luxury Galaxy Gazebo Range

Video Transcript:

Now built and looking amazing in store, we want to give you a quick demonstration of the Galaxy Gazebo. We are really impressed with this product. It’s really well engineered, really well built. It’s made from a toughened aluminium frame with a silver-grey powder coating. It not only gives it a contemporary look but also makes it very durable. It’s built to last.

Framework & Screens Guarantee

The framework itself comes with a 5-year guarantee and the screens, which you can see here in the pictures, would come with a 2-year guarantee. So, not only great for domestic use, but perfect for commercial use. This a really, really, high-end top-quality product.

Slatted Roof & Internal Gutting – For Rain or Shine

One of the most exciting parts about this product is this key feature – the slatted roof. These are incredible. The slight turn of this lever here, as you turn that down, you will literally close the roof off completely. That now is officially, 100% watertight.

Engineered amazingly well, we got a (struggle to see it clearly) but there is a gutting system here. As the rain would fall on the top, no water would come through the seals at the top of the roof whatsoever. The water would drain down these systems, very cleverly, come down to the legs of the framework and drain down an internal system within the legs and drain out at the bottom. So, whatever you keep under here would remain complete dry. Obviously, once the rain has gone away, you can open up the roof and simply let all the sunlight straight back in. Really impressive!

So, anything kept in here, within this gazebo, will remain complete dry. So, no worrying and panicking about rain landing on your cushions for your garden rattan set. Those days would, obviously, officially be over.

Adjustable Side Screens

As you can see these screens are another key feature of the unit, it is an add-on feature, but we’ve actually included it in our pricing system. The screens themselves they can be raised at a number of key points. If you see here, we’ll raise one up and drop one down. They can be placed in a number of different positions. So essentially, if you are wanting to open the whole thing up, it’s easily enough done, it you wanted close the whole thing off, again just as simple. Fantastic for chasing away from the sun, if the sun is too bright. You can see here, they are not complete blocked off, so you do have that feeling that you are still out in the day. You are not blocking the light off completely, but you are obviously still protecting yourself from the sun or any blinding light coming through.

One of the amazing things that people have been doing with these screens as well is using projectors in the garden. Which is, really, quite a great idea. They portray onto this material perfectly well. You can literally watch games or programmes out in the garden. It’s amazing!

So this is it, this is the Galaxy Gazebo. Visit inspirationswholesale.co.uk if you want to know more about pricing or get in touch – call us on 0151 334 0818.

Exceptional Quality & Features

Here are some of the key features of the luxury Galaxy Gazebos:

  • Sturdy metal frame and slats made from toughened aluminium
  • Silver grey powder coating
  • Adjustable waterproof slatted roof
  • Withstands winds of up to 120 km/h
  • Easy wind mechanisms for opening/closing roof
  • Integrated rain drainage system within frame
  • Includes adjustable side screens
  • Side screens are flame retardant, heat sealable, mildew resistant and stable under different temperatures

Variety of Luxury Gazebo Sizes Available

You can easily extend your living space with one of these fantastic luxury metal frame gazebos. Perhaps you are looking to have an extra dining area in the garden, a comfortable outdoor corner sofa or even a hot tub space!

There are a variety of sizes available to suit your needs:

Galaxy Gazebo – 3m x 3m – view here

Galaxy Gazebo – 3m x 3m (plus 3 luxury side screens) – view here

Galaxy Gazebo – 3m x 3.6m – view here

Galaxy Gazebo – 3m x 3.6m (plus 3 luxury side screens) – view here

Galaxy Gazebo – 3.5m x 3.6m – view here

Galaxy Gazebo – 3.5m x 3.6m (plus 3 luxury side screens) – view here

Galaxy Gazebo – 3.5m x 5.4m – view here

Galaxy Gazebo – 3.5m x 5.4m (plus 4 luxury side screens) – view here

Galaxy Gazebo – 3.5m x 7.2m – view here

Galaxy Gazebo – 3.5m x 7.2m – (plus 4 luxury side screens) – view here

Happy to Help

If you have any questions or want to find out more about the luxury Galaxy Gazebo range at Inspirations Wholesale, please feel free to contact our team on 0151 334 0818 who will be happy to help you.