How to Care for Dried Flowers

selection of dried flowers lined up

Dried flowers are a more long-lasting, eco-friendly and stress-free way of having a burst of natural beauty in your home than continually replacing fresh bouquets. With that said, there are a few key steps that are good to know to ensure that your dried flowers remain in tip top condition and are not in any danger of being damaged. Let’s take a look…

Dried Flowers Don’t Need Water

dried grasses in glass vase next to brown sofa

One of the key differences between dried flowers and fresh is that you don’t need to water the dried ones! This makes them easy to look after. However, it’s also important to remember that they shouldn’t be sat in or be sprayed with water. If they become wet or damp, there is a chance that they can develop mould.

For this same reason, you should be careful to not to place them in an environment which is going to get damp. For example, you would be best to avoid putting dried flowers in the bathroom or toilet. Also, probably worth avoiding any other water-heavy environment in your kitchen, such as near the kettle. Dried flowers may pick up other liquids such as food grease – this too can cause mould and so should be avoided if possible by keeping them away from the cooking area.

When you are thinking about where to position your dried flowers, always think about that operative word ‘dried’! It is best for them to live somewhere that is unlikely to become damp, humid, or wet throughout your everyday use of the home. A bedroom, lounge, dining room or study are probably preferable spaces to make the most of the dried displays.

Avoid Direct Sunlight and Temperature Changes

dried eucalyptus stems and dried flowers in vase on shelf

Stability of environment is going to be an important factor in your dried flower care. This is why dried flowers should be displayed indoors not outdoors. If you can choose a place inside that is consistently dry, then your dried flowers should remain in great condition. Similarly, this is the case with temperature. If there is a corner of a room that becomes very cold at night but gets lots direct sunlight and can become humid throughout the day, this will not be a consistent environment for your dried flowers.

Comparably, the windowsill is often not the ideal place for your dried flowers. Direct sunlight can be too extreme a condition for dried plants. This may make them brittle over time, and in turn can make them easier to break. Plus, in some cases, as with so many items, dried flowers can experience a fade in colour when they have been subjected to continual direct sunlight. However, if you are going for a natural look, especially for grasses, colour fade might not be a problem!

Keep Away From Wind, Kids & Pets

bouquet of dried flowers on table

There is another reason why windows can be a little bit troublesome for your dried plants. If you have your windows open, then wind may well cause dried plants to be blown over. This does depend on the type of container you have them in. Bear in mind that dried flowers, no matter the size of the bouquet, are generally very light in weight. So, a serious gust could have them spread through the room – not the desired effect!

This can, however, be avoided easily. It is beneficial to have them placed somewhere that would be out of the direct force of wind should it blow through an open window. At the same time, dried flowers benefit from a gentle flow of fresh air as this stops the humidity buildup. So, whilst the windowsill itself is not the ideal place, do make sure that you don’t choose a stuffy room.

In terms of knocking dried flowers over, you should also be mindful of your pets and children. Keeping your dried plants out of reach from your pets may well save them from being knocked down and potentially damaged. On top of that, if you do have younger children, you might also want to consider placing your dried flowers out of their reach lest they pull them down from their position.

Of course, we adults also aren’t perfect! Dried plants often do best when they are in a position that is out of the hustle and bustle of the home. If they are placed on the kitchen table, for example, then they may need to be moved around a lot, which will increase the likelihood of them being accidentally damaged. An good shelf, mantelpiece or taller furniture would do the trick.

How to Clean Dried Flowers

how to clean dried flowers with paint brushes

Although dried flowers are remarkably low maintenance, they would benefit from the occasional gentle clean. Just like any other piece of d├ęcor in the home. As mentioned above, dried flowers can be damaged if they are knocked over or bumped into, so cleaning must be done very gently and carefully.

One method for broader and flatter leaves is to use a hair dryer on its lowest and coolest setting. Holding it a good distance away, this will allow you to remove dust buildup whilst not damaging the dried plant. For petals or foliage which have more intricate shapes, and which might be more delicate in their texture, you can instead use a soft artist brush or a feather duster to gently and slowly work away any dust.

Get Your Own Beautiful Dried Display

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