Bohemian Interior Design

bohemian interior room style

One of the most exciting ways to give a room a distinct edge is by using a bohemian interior design. If you have seen a space which has a bohemian twist, you will know that it’s about textures, patterns and a rich exploration of visual interests. Rooms that are designed this way stand out in comparison to the minimalist aesthetic which has been popular. This is not necessarily a situation where less is more. We absolutely love that it gives individuals a chance to be expressive and creative with the space they are designing. It is no wonder that this look is coming back with a bang.

Unique Textures and Layers

A successful bohemian interior design will not be too far away from other looks such as shabby chic. However, there is a lively edge to the boho vibe which separates it from the rest. Although it is essentially a style which favours maximalism, you will need to be judicious in your selection process, so that the room has coherence. This can be done by selecting a thematic colour which grounds the whole look. We have carried this out by playing with terracotta, browns, golds, oranges and metallic textures. Think about using accessories which are made of natural, almost rustic materials. This will give you a great base to work off.

How to Achieve That Unconventional Chic

Part of the meaning of ‘bohemian’, whether we are speaking of a person or a room style, is to do with unconventionality. It is all about those kinds of looks which don’t fit into a template. This leads to an interesting conundrum. How do you go about learning how to get an interior design style right, if the style is all about not fitting into customs? Well, our collection should be able to fire up your imagination. At Inspirations Wholesale, we have a fantastic collection of home accessories that could all be put to use to hit the bohemian mark.

Bohemian Interior Style at Inspirations Wholesale

We like to make sure you have the opportunity to have a taste of many different interior design styles. We know that interior design is a personal thing. If you are planning to decorate your home, or commercial space in the future, you will want to find the style that best suits your own spirit. If what you want is something which has a unique, arty edge, whilst also being warm, welcoming and full of joyful energy, we would recommend the bohemian approach. Take a look through our bohemian interior design collection. You might just find a few accessories that will suit your design needs perfectly.

Bohemian Planters & Terracotta Pots

One way in which you can incorporate bohemian style into the design of a room is by thinking about how you are presenting your plants and flowers. As we mentioned, the bohemian style is so much about texture. Terracotta pots and planters can do the trick in this way with their patterns or rustic finishes. Also, they will create a nice, earthy base tone which will really ground the feel of the room. A spiritual undertone can work really well with the bohemian look, and that is why there are some Buddhism-influenced pieces of sculpted design in our collection. Although you can build on this tone with many other personal touches, your space will always feel as though it has a strong base layer.

Bohemian Accessories & Throws

Continuing on in this vein, you may also be interested in the additional items that we have in our range. Combine earthy and neutral colours with rustic, rich and textured materials. Homewares such as lanterns and throws will be able to offer any room a cosy bohemian style. While, to lighten the feel, there are some gorgeous glass vases and bowls for a delicate touch. Then to create an extra layer of exotic interest there are wonderful wall panels, trays and elephant figures available.

Baskets Galore

We also have some fantastic baskets which would fit into your bohemian style perfectly. The great thing about baskets is that they are, naturally, all about texture and pattern. As well as being a practical space for storage, they give any room that characterful feel. This helps to create a successful bohemian style. A bohemian interior design experience makes people feel that the space has stories to tell, rather than it looking like a pristine showroom. Items like baskets can tell this story beautifully – check out the full range here.

Artificial Succulents & Plants

To balance the rustic orange and terracotta, we have a variety of superb lifelike artificial succulents and plants. Adding this touch of green helps to harmonise the room and will complete the bohemian interior style. These high quality faux plants are so real-looking that you might forget you don’t need to water them. They are low maintenance and look great year round! Explore our range of artificial succulents available to buy online.