How to Create Peaceful Outdoor Living Spaces

peaceful outdoor living areas with table, bench and glasses of wine

Explore how to create beautiful, relaxing and peaceful outdoor living spaces and get some ideas for your next summer project…

The home is built in two parts. First, you have your indoor living space. This is your haven as well as being your everyday hub for many facets of life. You make your meals and eat in your kitchen and dining room. You relax, read, watch television and talk to the ones closest to you in your living room or lounge. The list goes on, but it is fairly self-explanatory – everyone knows the purpose of their indoor rooms.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Where there seems to be a little bit more mystery, or in the least where things do not seem to be so set in stone, is the outdoor space. Many see the outdoor space as a secondary concern, as if it is not as important as the indoor part of your house, though this is doing a disservice to the potential that an outdoor area has to be transformed into an integral, beating heart of your home.

There are various different angles that you can take when decorating an outdoor space in order to enhance the peaceful quality of your home. But one thing is for certain: you have definitely come to the right place if you would like to know more about how to decorate your garden space and would like to choose from the most inspiring of décor features to that end.

Outdoor Dining Area

When the spring and summer months come around, they of course bring with them warmer and brighter weather. This, in turn, brings into the mix the opportunity to eat outside rather than indoors. This injects an unbeatable freshness and free feeling into each meal time. Ideal for both everyday dining as well as relaxing gatherings or simply a quiet lunch with a friend.

As such, you may want to consider investing in a outdoor table and chairs set to create a relaxing outdoor dining area. Find the quietest spot in your outdoor space if you can. Ideally on a patio or decking area to give you a hard level surface for stability when dining, or, if your lawn is level enough then you could set up on the grass as a temporary position. The outdoor table and chairs would be best situated in a sheltered area out of any windy spots or nosy neighbours. If you want some more privacy then consider using a living wall or reed screening to section off part of your space and create a cosy corner. This will help to create an alternative peaceful eating space for when the sun comes out to play!

Outdoor Lounge Area

As well as thinking about how to add touches to your outdoor space in order to create a lovely eating area, you may also want to consider the possibilities which are created by inserting a lounge area into your outdoor living space.

Choose a quiet corner, perhaps at the bottom of the garden further away from the house, and you will be able to turn this into a dream of a space which is set aside from the noise and the pace of everyday life. With some decking and some outdoor furniture, you will have yourself an ideal spot to sit and ponder, have a read, or entertain friends with an aperitif in gorgeously secluded settings.

Consider the view from your chosen spot too. What would you be looking at from that comfortable outdoor seating? Once you have selected the best angle, then add an outdoor sofa with a small table or combine with some upright and some reclining chairs and you will be able to have a second living room. Only with this one you will get the benefit of feeling the peace and calm which is afforded by being out in the fresh air.

Peaceful Colours & Themes

To match the general sense of calm which your garden will no doubt give you anyway, you could think about ways of heightening the gentle ambience with the use of colours and themes. This could firstly just entail choosing certain relaxing colours such as light silvers, greys or natural wood tones. These will present their own distinct style whilst also blending effortlessly into the surroundings of your garden.

As well as calming colours, you might extend this mood a bit more by adding a peaceful theme. Try a smooth contemporary style with flowing lines and soft shapes that are echoed in furniture, accessories, plants and pathways. For a more traditional peaceful theme, try heading to the Far East by including meditative Buddhas and oriental touches to your garden space that will subtly exude a peacefulness and calm and make the experience of chilling out in your garden that much more enjoyable.

Sights, Smells & Sounds

The garden, perhaps more than any indoor space, can be a treat for the senses, and this is always something that you should be thinking about when you are decorating your outdoor living space. In terms of smells and sights, making use of some stylish planters to arrange fragrant flowers and plants around your lounge or eating space will certainly bring things up to another level.

You might also want to treat your ears too. To use sounds in a calming way around your garden or patio, you can consider the types of plants in the space and whether you want the gentle rustling of longer leaves or plants that would be quieter in in breeze. Another great way to enjoy sounds in your garden is with the relaxing sound of flowing water. This can be achieved to great effect with a water feature, which will not only look beautiful but also constantly set the peaceful tone of your outdoor living space.

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