Luxury Outdoor Sofas – All Year Round

cosi outdoor sofa - grey corner sofa on patio

Our Olore Home luxury outdoor sofas are manufactured by Cosi – experts and pioneers in designing durable and weatherproof, yet comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture. You can leave these high quality garden sofas outside through the spring, summer, autumn and winter. You won’t have to worry when the weather makes a turn for the worst!

With outdoor sofas that you want to use all year round, it is all about the material used. You need to know that you can place your sofa outside and it won’t suffer from being exposed to the elements. Thankfully, with the kind of special materials that have been developed by the cutting edge manufactures these days, this is now highly achievable. They solve so many problems often faced with outdoor furniture at home and in commercial spaces. Read on to find out about our Olore Home luxury weatherproof sofas range.

Benefits of Cosi Outdoor Sofas

We have all been in situations where we have quickly gathered up some indoor furniture and brought it out to the garden. Normally to take advantage of a break in the weather! But the trouble is that this furniture, even when the weather is nice, has not been designed to exist outside. This means that, when the sun goes down, or when the air begins to dampen, let alone when the rain pours, you have to quickly gather up those pieces of furniture again and bring them indoors.

This can be a real hassle. Especially if this is not just at home, but at a pub, a hotel, a restaurant or a café. Our sofas made by Cosi have been specifically designed for the outdoors, they can be used outside and left outside. They will show no sign of wear and tear from this for years and years! This means that your outdoor sofa will not endure any colour fading, nor become damaged by mildew and moisture. It will even be easy to keep clean and prepared for people to sit down and relax, as the material is anti-bacterial. It’s also waterproof – so no need to cover it up or drag cushions around.

See more about our Olore Home outdoor sofas manufactured by Cosi, in our video below.

Specialist Silvertex® Material

The outdoor fabric that is used in the stylish Cosi outdoor sofas is Silvertex® by Spradling. This specialist material is in a league of it own. Silvertex® offers an attractive contemporary fabric look, whilst it is also highly durable. It has been made to be anti-bacterial, stain resistant, UV stabilised, fire retardant, waterproof, abrasion resistant and easily cleanable. This is all thanks to the clever Silverguard antimicrobial system and Permablok advanced vinyl protection, which is woven into its construction.

Seating For All Seasons

All this is great news for you if you are looking to add additional seating to an outdoor area in a commercial setting. Plus, this doesn’t just have to be an option for the summer months. If you have overhead covering and some outdoor heaters, some sofas built for the outdoors might be a sensible option throughout the year, especially in the times of Covid-19. It is likely that social distancing will be around for many months to come. When it comes to pubs and bars, having an appealing outdoor space is going to stand you in good stead. For the future seasons and beyond.

Top Quality Luxury Garden Sofas

It’s not only the high quality construction, materials and practical benefits of our luxury outdoor sofas, but also their look. A sofa can be such a stylistic asset to the décor of an interior space, and this is just the case for outdoor spaces too. These beautiful sofas will be able to stand up to all weathers, whilst also bringing a striking contemporary look.

We have selected a gorgeous grey as a universally appealing and on trend colour for our sofa range. However, if you are planning a commercial project or need to work with a brighter or more varied palette, then please do get in touch. We have an array of different colours available across the models.

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Expand Your Seating Space

As mentioned above, outdoor sofas could be a great option for pubs. bars, restaurants, hotels, venues and other commercial spaces. Having a comfortable and stylish outside seating area is a great way to open up another dimension to your establishment. Plus, outdoor seating might provide a solution if you don’t currently have enough space inside for customers to enjoy a drink in comfort. Or perhaps, give you the opportunity to create an attractive-looking and relaxed-feeling waiting area for visitors. Additionally, these Cosi sofas can be wonderful features if you have a courtyard space. Or indeed, for an office so that staff can have somewhere to relax outside.

In these times of continual change, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been increasing pressures to think about social distancing solutions. It is likely that this is going to continue. So, it’s a good time to think about new furnishing options that open up spaces in fresh ways. With this in mind, these conditions make it advantageous to have a welcoming outdoor seating option. Not just in commercial settings but also at home. If you have a comfortable permanent sofa outside, then it gives you the ability to spend quality time with family and friends outdoors. Handy too, as it saves time and hassle of covering and uncovering furniture or moving cushions around. Also, you will be ready to adapt to social distancing regulations as they may shift in the future.