Gift Decorating Ideas For All Occasions

contemporary gift wrapping ideas - artificial flowers and foliage toppers

Whatever the occasion is, when you are giving gifts to a loved one, it should be made as special as possible. From birthday gifts, to Valentine’s treats, to a little ‘Thank You’ present – it’s even more valued at the moment because we often can’t be there in person during these times of lockdown. Gifts are not just about what you choose as the present itself, but also about how you wrap them up! Selecting exciting and attractive gift decorating adds so much to the whole process of gift-giving. Let’s take a look at some style and colour combinations and gorgeous gift topper ideas for different occasions and events throughout the year.

Gift Decorating Style & Colour Combos

One of the first things that you will need to decide on is the styles and colour combinations of the wrapping paper and decorative accessories. Whether you are incorporating into your wrapping, a ribbon, a bow or decorative features such as artificial flowers, you will need to think about how these will look in combination with the colour of your wrapping paper. It’s also worth thinking about what the recipient likes / dislikes or what their personal style is and perhaps wrapping to match that!

We like to think of gift decorating in the same way as one might think of interior colour choices in the home. Random colours mixed together can create a jarring effect. But bringing those most aesthetically pleasing of combinations into conversation not only looks great but also creates the perfect mood. All this will add to the happy spirit of those times when gifts are being given!

For example, someone might be more eco-conscious and would perhaps appreciate recyclable wrapping paper. Someone else might adore a bit of luxury and glamour – in which case something more shiny and lavish might do the trick.

Ribbons & Bows

red ribbon on a present - gift decorating ideas

As well as selecting the right wrapping paper or box, the magic will happen when you add those little decorative touches to that. This can be done in a number of ways. The classic accessories which always add a touch of elegance and a sense of occasion are ribbons and bows. We have a fabulous colour palette here in our collection of ribbons and bows that will give you lots of options from which to choose, with both traditional and contemporary colour choices available.

Gift Toppers & Decorations

gift decorating ideas floral stems with pink ribbon

For some special finishing touches to your gift wrapping, try using gift toppers such as individual stems of artificial dried flowers and foliage tied into the ribbon, or small bundles of faux flowers and foliage combinations (like mini bouquets or button-hole arrangements). Using faux varieties means they are far more robust than the real thing and more likely to still look the part when travelling by post. They are also an added bonus gift for the recipient as they will look great for years to come! Or, these can be re-used for other gift decorating purposes.

You could also combine the artificial blooms and greenery with other decorative gift topper items. Match the season or event, such as with little wooden hearts, mini Easter eggs decorations, autumnal berries, or festive snowflakes.

Let take a look at some of our favourite ideas:

Rustic & Neutral

neutral rustic gift wrapping with foliage topper

A natural coloured wrapping paper or box is an ideal base for a rustic theme or neutral colour scheme. Something like our brown kraft paper is very versatile. It works with so many other colours and styles of decoration. Certainly, i’s a good thing to have on hand, whether you are just wrapping gifts at home or you run a business that offers gift wrapping services.

Green wrapping paper is also an option to achieve a rustic look. With the addition of some plain string, or a cream ribbon you can get an effortlessly stylish touch. Then combine that with some artificial foliage or simple blooms – sticking to a neutral palette such as creams, whites, greens and browns. Think about the variety of textures too – you might have large smoother leaves combined with more textural flowers. Best not to go overboard though – often a little less is more. Calm, earthy and charming.

Pretty in Pink

gift wrapping dusty pink bows ribbons eucalyptus topper

Soft dusty pinks match wonderfully with the neutral kraft paper as a base or with other pinks and rose gold colours. The delicate ribbons and bows are delightful when combined with artificial blooms, or foliage of a similar colour pallet. Try a touch of faux eucalyptus with it’s soft rounded shaped leaves, or perhaps a pink peony for a more floral finish. Romantic, delicate, and elegant.

Gorgeous Grey

Grey is another colour that can easily work with many others. From pastels to metallics, to bright or jewel tones. Try a lovely peach ribbon combined with some warm tonal wildflowers or even a a range of artificial foliage stems or botanicals. This could be a wonderful way to decorate with an autumnal theme too. Perhaps incorporating some seed pods, berries, and warm red and yellow leaves as well. Contemporary, versatile and chic.

Luxury Look

gift decorating ideas - luxury silver and blue with berries
gift decorating ideas - cinnamon snowflake and berries - festive

For the luxury look, we think that rich, deep colours can work fabulously with metallics like gold and silver. Try out black and gold, or perhaps a midnight blue and silver. As a festive touch, why not include artificial frosted greenery, together with seasonal decorations such as snowflakes, stars, cinnamon, pine cones, berries and even smaller baubles. They decorative touches such as the hanging decorations can then be used on the Christmas tree too! Bold, rich and fabulous.

Gift wrapping is a craft, and there is much fun to be had when it is treated as such. In this way, wrapping presents can be considered like an arts and craft project. Alongside some steady favourite materials, you can use many other elements to not only add interesting colour but also texture.