Summer Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

pink peonies green hydrangeas in stone flower pot summer wedding centrepiece

One of the things about wedding décor that takes the most time and thought is often the centerpiece, and it is for this reason that we have put together some fresh and exciting ideas for the loveliest summer wedding centerpieces. The centerpiece gives you a perfect opportunity to express your personality and your creative vision. If you get it right, then it can serve to share something about the character of the lucky ones getting married, as well as adding something unbeatable to the ambience of each table.

A Touch of Floral Magic

The best way to add some vibrant colour and texture to your wedding centerpieces is with flowers, especially in the heights of summer. Whether you go for tall, short, outlandish or minimalist floral arrangements, you will be adding that touch of design magic that simply screams wedding. You can take this in many directions, opting for the style which best suits the overall theme of the event space. With the kind of quality in the look and feel of artificial flowers that are available these days too, this can all be achieved with ease and last for as long as you wish.

Classical Style Centrepieces

If you want to hit those traditional notes that will bring with them a sense of timelessness, then you can go for the classic colours with your flowers. By choosing to bring together some lovely classic roses or hydrangea for example which offer soft, elegant pastel tones, with touches of green foliage, such as eucalyptus, lightly interwoven through the flowers, you will give the biggest of occasions an appropriate sense of…well…occasion!

Home-Grown Style Centrepieces

For a personal feel, you can go for some home-grown style centerpieces. With a mixture of succulents and herbs, you can create a peaceful, joyful atmosphere which will match the happy nature of the event itself. Or you can even incorporate some wholesome fruits into your centerpiece design – and if you can make them seasonal fruits of the summer then they will help to set the perfect mood!

Connective Leaves

As well as having a central flower arrangement which will act as the focal point to each table, you could also consider laying out trails of leaves, such as eucalyptus, ferns or ivy, along the tables so as to create an earthy, organic feel. This foliage and greenery mimics the summer growth of vegetation and foliage that we see in the warmer months.

Bright and Fun

For the summer, you will also want to be thinking about how the centerpieces match the mood of the season. And if you are having a wedding in the summer, then this will be one of brightness, sunniness and a kind of energetic spirit that comes with the territory of long, sunny evenings. As such, working pinks, oranges, whites, and other light and zesty colours into your centerpiece will be sure to set the celebratory scene perfectly. You could try out some exotic artificial flowers that will look fantastic and last much longer than the real thing.

Simple and Pure

For a really clean, clear and powerfully minimalist summer wedding centerpiece, you could think about making use of jars and single stem flowers, or even tall thin wooden branches. This style will dazzle with its delicacy and beauty, but won’t overwhelm the surrounding décor choices.

Lights of Love

But it’s not just flowers that you should be thinking about! By adding in some decorative lanterns and candles, for example, to your beautifully summery array of flowers, you will be able to create an almost dreamlike atmosphere. Many of the artificial plants and flowers are available with the added benefit of being flame retardant, so that is one less thing to worry about as far as the candles go. Or, you could use beautiful flickering LED candles or twinkling fairy lights to minimise any risk.

Outside the Box!

The great thing with this though is that you really can get creative and add touches to your summer wedding centerpiece which are truly outside the box, such as vintage books and reclaimed objects. By bringing into the mix some pieces that are unexpected alongside your other key wedding accessories and decorations, you can combine your floral brightness and energy with something deeply characterful and personal.