Tips for Decorating a Baby Shower

decorating a baby shower - cupcakes on a table in blue and purple

The baby shower is a magical event. There are of course lots of choices to be made when it comes to how you want to set up and decorate the space. We have had a think about all the key decisions that need to be made. Here is our overview of some of the most important factors that will help you put on the most glorious of baby showers.

Choosing a Baby Shower Theme

As with all special social events and parties, it is important to draw everything together with an overarching theme. This will set the scene for the proceedings and hopefully both reflect and inform the mood of the day. There are lots of different themes to consider. To get the ball rolling, some baby shower themes ideas include regal, twinkle twinkle little star, clouds, jungle, outer space, flowers and superheroes. Think about what kinds of decorations you could use to create this theme. Pompoms, badges, balloons and wall backdrops could all be lovely touches.

Selecting a Venue

Coinciding with your considerations for the general look of the party, you should also be thinking about were the baby shower is actually going to be held. The reason why this decision should be intertwined with choosing a theme, is that one can affect the other. If you are choosing a classy floral theme, then perhaps look at a traditional style space such as a hotel. For a jungle theme, then maybe a safari tent for the day would work well.

Indoors or Outdoors?

If it likely it will be held in the heart of summer, then a garden setting might serve you well. For an outdoor baby shower, consider focusing on bunting, balloons and lanterns, rather than something like wall decorations. You’ll also have the benefit of the greenery surrounding you to work with. So you could hang decorations from trees, attached balloons to chairs and tie ribbons around plant pots.

But if it isn’t likely be fine weather, you should also consider hosting it at home, or hiring out a venue. When looking into hiring a venue, you may wish to ask whether they have some decorations you can use. To inject a bit of that outdoor look indoors, then think about adding some natural, or realistically-designed artificial flowers and plants.

Big Bash or Small Gathering?

Your choice of where to have the baby shower will also be based on how many people are being invited. If there are lots of people that you want to share this moment with, then the size of venue, seating arrangements and amount of food and drink will have to be adjusted accordingly. For a small, intimate affair though, you will not have to gear up for such a large organisational operation. However, you’ll want to make sure the space isn’t too larger either, otherwise it might feel empty with fewer people. Either way, some stylish themed invitation cards will be another must-have to let people know where, when and give them an idea of the theme.

Table Setup

Whether outside or inside, small or large, the baby shower will involve some level of food and drinks. As such, the table arrangements will be one of the central concerns. Consider how the tables and chairs are arranged, so that everyone feels equally involved. Remember to think about any guests that might have special requirements and the age ranges of the invitees.

You can also invest in some tablecloths, napkins and dining accessories to create the right atmosphere. When it comes to tables, organise a table-area for the guest book, baby shower gifts, and then a table for the food of course!

Extra Baby Shower Touches

With all the essentials taken care of, you can then think about extra touches to make it even more special. This might include mini glitter or confetti cannons for a gender reveal. Even a sash for the mother to be or badges for the guests will help everyone feel they are joined together in celebration! Explore our range of baby shower deocrations and accessories to tick of some of the key pieces for your event.