Tropical Wedding Theme

tropical wedding theme with palm trees and white curtains

When you are putting together the décor for your wedding, there will be so many directions that you can take the overall look. One choice that suits summer weddings, or where you want to add colour and warmth to the big day at any time of year, is a tropical wedding theme.

Decorating Your Tropical Wedding

There are lots of ways that you can decorate the space so that it embodies this more exotic wedding theme. So let’s explore some of our ideas to help you get the ball rolling!

Palm Trees

There is nothing that says ‘tropical theme’ quite like palm trees. So, these might be something to consider making use of if you want to create this look. Palm trees are great for adding height and texture to your decorations. You can add them into corners of the room, or using one either side of a doorway. These days, it is much easier to achieve a stunningly realistic look by using the high quality artificial palm trees that we have available here. Your guests will be stunned to learn they are faux palm trees! They are also a lot easier to care for – no watering or dead leaves to worry about.


Something else which can breathe a burst of tropical energy into a wedding is the use of succulents. From African agaves to aloe vera, the use of a succulent in the centrepiece of a wedding is a great way to add a fresh and on trend slice of tropical life and energy. Our artificial succulents will be just as gorgeous as the real thing but much easier to set up without the worry of them becoming damaged.

Exotic Flowers

These artificial or natural exotic flowers will be the cherry on the cake for your plant and flower arrangements. Adding them into your wedding centrepieces, as well as choosing to decorate the surrounding area with exotic flowers, will give the space an undeniably tropical feel. Go for bright, vivid colours such as oranges, pinks, reds, whites and yellows. This will create something of a party atmosphere to match the already wonderfully celebratory nature of the event itself. Try achieving this with flowers such as anthurium, heliconia, hibiscus, nutans, protea and strelitzia. However, you can explore further options to decide which exotic flower combinations best suit your vision!

Exotic Fragrances

It’s not just about what you can see though; other senses can also be engaged with your tropical theme too. In this way, it might be worth thinking about getting the ambient fragrance right with some diffusers and candles. Fragrances to consider might be ones which evoke tropical fruits. As well as warming, Mediterranean neroli and Sicilian tangerine, you can think of scents coming from further afield such as verbena, exotic teas or vetivera. But these are just a few of the scents that you could go for. It will be all about experimenting and exploring. That way you will find the right one to set to mood and the scene perfectly for your tropical, love-filled wedding theme.

Exotic Prints & Decorations

Aside from flowers and scents, you might want to think about those extra little details which will really serve as the finishing touch to your exotic décor. These might include exotic prints depicting beautiful and colourful leaf patterns, flowers, pineapples and birds. These vibrant colours and patterns can then also be carried through into other decorations. Think about additions such as rugs, ribbons and artificial leaves spread through the seating and table arrangement.

Explore Our Range

We have a huge selection of decorative accessories and wedding supplies at Inspirations Wholesale so feel free to explore our range or contact us if you want any help or advice. We also offer artificial flower arranging services for weddings so can take care of the bouquet, centrepieces and other floral touches for your tropical theme wedding.