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Natural Salt Lamps & Candle Holders

MadeByZen Glo Salt Lamp Aroma Diffuser MadeByZen Glo Salt Lamp Aroma Diffuser
£64.99 + VAT
In stock
About this Model Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, hydration and Himalayan pink salt therapy with the madebyzen Glo aroma diffuser. Achieving the perfect balance of aesthetics, simplicity and functionality, Glo combines aromatherapy with the calming effects of Himalayan pink salt. It creates an inviting space and a serene atmosphere for relaxing or socialising. Traditionally mined from the footh…
Natural Salt Candle Holder 2 Hole Pink Natural Salt Candle Holder 2 Hole Pink
£6.99 + VAT
In stock
Natural Salt Candle Holder 2 Hole Pink - Approximately 10cm tall Please note that this is a natural product, making each item unique. If purchased, your item may slightly differ in shape and colour to the product shown in the image. Candles not included
Natural Salt Lamp 2-3Kg Pink Natural Salt Lamp 2-3Kg Pink
£13.99 + VAT
In stock
Natural Salt Lamp 2-3kg Pink “Your health in an investment, not an expense” In today’s hectic life, our bodies and minds go through an onslaught of stress and strain. Our Himalayan salt products are not just aesthetically pleasing – Himalayan Salt has many health benefits associated with it too which makes Himalayan Salt products perfect in our homes, office or work place and a fantastic gift item…

Himalayan Salt Lamps & Natural Salt Candle Holders

We are always keen on finding those pieces of home decor which are able to lift the look of a room to the next level. Home decor is so much about distinct character which, at the same time, is married into the natural feel of the room. We think that these stunning natural salt lamps and home accessories do a fantastic job of just that. These are eye catching pieces of design which will work as an appealing focal point. With that said, they will also seamlessly fit into the look and feel of a room, just giving it that little extra layer of energy and interest which will make the difference.

Natural Salt Lamps

Natural salt lamps not only look attractive simply as decorative objects, but they also give off a particularly calming, peaceful and warming red and pink glow when lit. The light source is passed through the salt crystals and this creates a relaxing visual effect which has been found to be a great benefit to moods. One of the other brilliant things about salt lamps is that they are natural products, meaning that each one is going to be unique.

For the Body and Soul

It is not just the look of the light though the salt lamp which can help lift moods. Other potential benefits of the natural salt crystals on the environment of the home include increasing quality of air and boosting energy levels. These wonderful home accessories and decorations will help lift the mood of your living space, whilst adding a touch of character too. As well as lamps there are also some beautiful candle holders that will add a welcoming and warming touch to any room in the home.

Not only for the home, these natural salt lamps and candle holders would be wonderful additions for businesses such as hotels, spas, resturants and bars. Also if you were having a special event that required a calming atmosphere then a carefully placed natural salt lamp or two would really help to enhance the look and feel of your commerical space.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

The salt used in many of these products is Himalayan salt. What is so special about Himalayan salt? Firstly, it has a wonderful pinky colour to the crystals that adds to the ambience when used as a salt lamp or candle holder. The salt comes from a particular region of rock salt in the Himalayas often near Pakistan. It's colour is due to a mixture of other minerals combined within the salt.

Secondly, it is said that the salt has particular health benefits including improving the air quality because they are natural ionisers. This is where the electrical charge of the air is changed. It is also said that they can help with some respiratory conditions, help you to sleep and boost your mood.

Whether you have other crystal salt items in your home, or you are looking to start your collection, these high quality Himalayan natural salt lamps and candle holders will be well worth exploring. These finely crafted items would be a thoughtful gift for someone special as well as a great addition to your own home. Home is a place for happiness, and these accessories on many levels help you sustain those positive vibes.


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