Ways to Effortlessly Freshen up With Faux Spring Flowers

Do you sometimes feel like your home or work space is looking a bit dull? Wish you could easily uplift your room d├ęcor to match the season? Let’s explore how our stunning range of realistic faux spring flowers and arrangements can effortlessly freshen up your space.

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Pantone Colour of the Year 2024

The Pantone Colour of the Year 2024 is… Peach Fuzz. This velvety gentle colour sits between pink and orange, and has been carefully chosen by the Pantone team as representative of the mood for 2024. They research trends and collect stories from society, which they then crystallise into a colour that capitalises our sentiment for the coming year. Let’s take a closer look at the thoughts behind this choice and how you bring the calming colour of Peach Fuzz into your interior design.

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree to Look Full

No one wants their Christmas tree to look disappointing after all the effort that goes into putting it up. Seeing gaps in the decorations or areas that look lacking, isn’t ideal if you want that luxuriously full look. Our team of fabulous designers create a whole range of stunning festive displays in our store each year. Here, we share some of their top tips for how to decorate a Christmas tree to look full and beautiful. Plus, a few extra tips too!

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How to Use The Barbiecore Trend

With the recent release of the new ‘Barbie’ movie, we were intrigued to explore the idea of the Barbiecore interior design trend. In some ways a revival of certain design touches that we would associate with the 90’s and childhood nostalgia, Barbiecore is, at the same time, a movement that seems to be able to transcend through time. Whatever connections it has to aesthetic periods and moments gone by, there is one thing for sure: it is looking like one of the most vibrant trends of the year.

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Do Artificial Plants Absorb Sound Like the Real Thing?

When you spend time in a forest, you often experience an sense of calm. Part of this of course comes from the appearance of all the leaves and greenery, which triggers a sense of relaxation in the mind and the body. Indeed, many studies are conclusively showing that humans have a lower stress level when they spend time in green space. However, it is not just about the woodland being pleasing on the eyes. It is also to do with the softening of ambient noise that occurs when you step into a forest. All the plants and trees absorb sound from the outside, and so this means that, even if you are near to a road, the outside noise becomes muffled. But what about faux trees and greenery? Do artificial plants absorb sound just like the real versions do?

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Coronation Party Checklist: 6 Helpful Steps

The King’s Coronation is just around the corner! We are all very excited for this weekend of celebrations. The Coronation itself is on Saturday 6th May. Sunday 7th May is then the day of street parties and garden lunches, as everyone is invited to get together with their local community to celebrate the day. We are then all treated to a Bank Holiday on Monday 8th May. This all means that there is plenty of time for some early summer festivities. Whether you are planning on doing something with your neighbours, having friends round, or getting together with the family, we thought that we would put together a Coronation party checklist to help you prepare for this weekend of fun!

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