Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Candles

woodwick seaside mimosa candle next to shell

Here at Inspirations Wholesale we stock a variety of candles ranging from floating to scented, rustic to tapered. We have put together a couple of tips to help you get the most out of whatever candle you burn.

Tip #1: Minimum Burn Time

Some candles have a suggested burn time; this is often designed to ensure that the candle burns as efficiently as possible. When burning a candle you should always ensure that you allow the pool of wax to melt evenly across the top of the candle. Only allowing a small area of wax to melt when using the candle may cause tunnelling, a common problem where the candle burns a circle down the middle without melting the wax on the sides.

Tip #2: Keep a Lid on it!

Many fragranced candles come with a lid of some sort. Leaving the lid on your candle can help reduce the sootiness of the flame as well as stop the fragrance from escaping. Keeping the lid on a candle helps hold the fragrance in whilst also stopping oxygen reaching the wick, a key component in the flame quality.

Tip #3: Snuff it Out

If you want to reduce the smoke produced when you blow out a candle, the simple solution is not to blow it out but instead snuff it out. Candle snuffers are long metal sticks with a cone shape on the end, designed to safely extinguish a flame by cutting off oxygen.

Tip #4: Go Electric!

In some situations flickering LED candles can be a great alternative to traditional candles. With no flame these candles are much safer to use and look just as realistic as the real thing. Available in just as many colours and sizes as real candles, these candles are definitely worth considering. (Check out our battery operated candles here)

Need to place a bulk candle order? Contact our friendly team to discuss our wholesale prices. We stock practically every size and shape candle possible, making our candle range truly stand out above the rest. Products include scented candles, floating candles, tea lights, church candles, tapered candles in whites, ivory, red and silvers; the list just goes on.