How to Use Baskets For Storage

how to use baskets for storage - multiple baskets on white wooden floor

Storage doesn’t have to be a problem – it can be an opportunity. Baskets give you the chance to come up with creative and attractive looking ways to take care of your storage needs. You can easily add something to the functionality of your home, whilst also adding an appealing look to its interior design. These handy little accessories can be called into action for a number of storage based jobs. We absolutely love the welcoming feel that baskets can help cultivate in a room. The best thing is that they offer such a timeless look. Yet, they also getting on with providing a simple and practical storage solution. So let’s get tidy and organised and take a look at some ideas of how to use baskets for storage…

Where to Use Your Storage Baskets

One great thing about baskets as storage devices, is that it will not look out of place in any room. Our range of baskets offer a variety of looks and styles, but overall the natural look of a basket does not steal the focus of a space. Instead, it simply adds a richness of character and texture in a subtle yet palpable way.

Living Room

Storage baskets can be used in the living room, for example, in a really effective way. When people think about home storage, they often overlook the living room. However, a stylish storage option can add another dimension. One way to use baskets in this room is to store some extra cushions or throws in them; the baskets can then be placed conveniently next to the sofa. Having the basket of cushions and throws next to the sofa will add a comfortable, cosy note to the space.

You might also want to pick up some square baskets for magazine and book storage. This will give you an added option beyond your book shelves and coffee table. You can even buy some baskets which have dedicated magazine holder sections built in!

For those who have a wood-burner in the lounge, baskets can also work brilliantly as a means of storing some logs so that they are ready to go. This applies also for open fire places in other rooms.


The basket is also extremely useful when it comes to bathroom storage. It is always good to have spare loo rolls and towels in the bathroom (if you have the space). Or for storage in a cupboard nearby to the bathroom. A basket can offer the ideal method of storing these items in a way that adds charm to the space. You might also like to stock up on extra toiletries. A basket will give these additional products the perfect place to live without looking cluttered.


There sometimes never seems to be enough space in the kitchen for everything! Well, this is where the convenient basket storage option could come into play once more. If you find that there are foods which keep on spilling out when you open your cupboard, then you might think about placing a basket in the cupboard so that they can be stored in a more secure way. This also makes it easier to sort similar items together (e.g. all the sauces or all the herbs). Allowing you to take a group of items out of the cupboard in one go. Rather than taking each individual thing out and the back in again!

It’s not just cupboard food items that you can utilise baskets for. You can store everyday items such as tea towels and cleaning cloths in baskets where they are easy to get to. Also storing things on top of cupboards – such as extra kitchen equipment or accessories that aren’t used so often. This can also be handy for spare tins or packets of food in an overflow area – especially if you like to hoard supplies.


If you have any shelves in your bedroom which tend to get cluttered, then you can always place a small basket on to the shelf. This means you can use the more secure storage space to collect all the bits and bobs. The bedroom is often home to all those little things, like spare chargers and cables, which also seem to be on the move. A simple yet effective basket placed in the corner of the room can easily do a tidying up job in a matter of seconds. Simply pop all those loose little extras in the basket and you won’t have to worry about them going walkabout so often!

Plus, if you have kids, you will know how much clutter can build up in your children’s rooms. A few baskets will work wonders for toys, books and even clothes or fancy dress items. Our selection of baskets a range of attractive yet neutral designs that means your little ones will be able to use the baskets for years and years.

Offices, Hallways and Beyond

The home office can be just as much a place for spill-over as the bedroom. There may be lots of loose items that need somewhere to live. For things like paperwork and files, a basket can be the perfect solution. You might also have another basket for stationary and office supplies so that you don’t have to dig into the back of a cupboard. they are also a much more affordable and maneuverable option compared to pieces of furniture.

Similarly, if you are into your arts and crafts, then a couple of baskets can be the ideal way to store your crafting supplies such as yarns and fabrics. Easily transportable to wherever you fancy being creative too! If you have an art studio, then you might also use a basket to keep all your supplies or extra accessories neatly and safely stored.

Baskets are also very helpful as storage accessories which can be used in lobbies or hallways. You will be able to pick up ones which are just the right size for shoes and then neatly slot them underneath a bench. You might also think about baskets for glove, scarf or hat storage.

It doesn’t even have to be all storage inside the home, too! Compact baskets can slot into the boot of your car to keep together all the reusable shopping bags, so that they don’t have to take up space in your kitchen cupboards. They can also used in the boot of your car to keep together emergency breakdown supplies.

What Are The Benefits of Basket Storage?

In all these examples, what makes the basket so appealing is, first of all, that it solves that problem of clutter. It is also not just good for tidying, but also for organising: baskets can give you an easy way to make sure that items are kept together in handy categories. Another thing that we are really keen on is versatility. As you can see from our overview, baskets are very much multipurpose. This means you can use them as storage in one room, but then shift them over to another area of your home if you rearrange or redecorate.

On top of the practical side of things, you simply can’t deny how attractive baskets look in the home. They add just as much decorative value as they do practical. You can take a look through our range of baskets here and see how much character each design exudes. Pick up one for yourself and one for a loved one or family member – you will never have known storage solutions could be so handy!