Stylish Autumn Decorations to Welcome The Season

stylish autumn decorations leaves berries and candle

With the change of seasons comes a glorious change of colours and textures. We only have to look to the trees and fields for inspiration! Autumn leaves usher in a period of classic colours such as chestnut brown, honey gold, rust red, olive green and mustard yellow. But also jewel tones are perfect for autumn with dusty blues, smoke greys and heather tones. This year, why not welcome in this stunning seasonal transition by updating your d├ęcor with some stylish autumn decorations? The shift from late summer into autumn lends itself to earthy and rustic materials and colours, with wood and leaves often being a central foundation. Whether at home or in a commercial space, in autumn you have the opportunity to create a stylish yet warm and cosy space for visitors and yourself!

Autumnal Welcome For Visitors

A welcome to any space usually starts outdoors. This is the first place that visitors will see. So, you can really set the tone by creating the right first impression. In the home environment, this might mean taking time to decorate the front door and the porch. We have previously explored gorgeous autumn wreaths in this post, but you might also like to think about other autumnal arrangements featuring the earthy colours of dried grasses and foliage.

By using artificial foliage for decoration, you won’t have to worry about keeping the arrangement in dry conditions. Plus, with Halloween approaching, you can easily update the look by adding some long lasting artificial pumpkins to the porch. This will create that pop of deep orange that everyone associates with this time of the year. You could also incorporate other artificial fruits, vegetables and berries to give a rich harvest feel; we stock some excellent realistic options that will perfectly tie into the season.

If you have a shop, a bar or any other commercial space, you might also set up some warm white fairy lights. This helps attract attention and create a welcoming autumnal glow. Having them in the window, entrance, around your other decorations or even in lanterns will create a cosy and alluring atmosphere come evening time when the nights start drawing in.

Getting Cosy In The Garden

Just because the autumn brings with it darker evenings doesn’t mean that time cannot be spent outdoors. In fact, what with festivities such as bonfire night, it can be a great time to enjoy outdoor celebrations. To make this time even more enjoyable, you might think about using some stylish autumn decorations and accessories that will be practical as well. For example, consider picking up some cosy and warming throws that you and your guests can wrap in when the night starts to become chilly.

When creating an attractive outdoor environment and making the most of your garden space, you should think about how you can extend your decorations. Try artificial autumn garlands wrapped around gazebos, branches and other structures. Use little splashes of warm lighting to mimic the warmth of a fire or the flicking flames. By bringing some lanterns or candles into the equation, you can turn your garden into an enchanting autumnal haven. There are even some battery operated candles available which offer a realistic version of the magic of candlelight. But in the safest way possible!

Stylish Autumn Decorations for Indoors

Just as it’s nice to have throws outdoors, it is also good to stock up on comfy throws and cushions for indoors. Perhaps prepare for the season by adding a new set of home furnishings that spread the autumn colours through your space. Combine these with handy rustic storage to extend the autumnal feel, such as wooden crates, rattan boxes or wicker baskets.

You might also build on this theme by setting up an autumnal floral arrangement. We have a wide range of high quality artificial flowers and foliage which would expand your chosen colour scheme. Choose from on trend artificial dried flowers and grasses, as well as autumnal faux sprays that bring together realistic pumpkins, pinecones, walnuts, berries, leaves and straw. A floral arrangement would also work a treat as a table centrepiece for the kitchen or the dining room. Also, artificial displays are ideal for any awkward corners that you want to enrich. Especially those spaces that don’t get much light at this time of year.

Finishing Touches & Extras

As well as the larger focal points, such as floral centrepieces, there is a lot can be done with smaller touches. Charming rustic details can go a long way to enhancing your autumnal look throughout your space. Such as using a wooden tray for serving food. A level of texture befitting the earthiness of autumn can also be achieved by picking up some rustic style vases for your displays. On top of that, we would recommend picking up a set of ribbons that complement the colour palette. They will be handy for those finishing touches to your stylish autumn decorations. Whether you use them in garlands, flower arrangements, wreaths or table settings. It’s the little things that can really help to complete a look and have continuity.