Blue Christmas Themes

blue christmas theme banner new decorations in tree

As we approach that most magical of seasons, it is time to think about the different routes we might take when it comes to choosing Christmas decorations. If you want to steer away from traditional, but still keep the festive feeling, then a beautiful wintery blue Christmas theme may be well worth exploring! From sophisticated to fun, let’s take a look at the different ways to use blue in your Christmas decorations this year…

A blue Christmas does not mean that people are going to be sad for the Christmas period, no, no – quite the opposite! What if you want something that is just as celebratory as golds and reds, but which brings a bit more of an edge? Calling to mind crisp winter mornings, breathtaking northern lights, clear and deep midnight skies, the blue theme is very at home in the Christmas period. Offering a strikingly contemporary feel to it, blue is not to be overlooked!

Creating a Blue Christmas Theme

You could firstly opt for blue as a central theme and starting point, to then build your decorations around. There are a variety of different blues that you could choose from, including crisp and pale arctic blue to fresh aquamarine and turquoise. Then there is the bright and fun cerulean, rich petrol blue and deep midnight blue. Thinking about what kind of atmosphere you want to have will help you to narrow down what kind of blue to opt for. Such as creating a cool, fun and frosty North Pole theme (one of our favourite themes this year) would work well with the paler and cooler blues. Whereas, a chic and sophisticated look would sit nicely with the richer and darker blues.

Subtle Accents of Blue

Though, if you are going for the understated look, you certainly don’t have to go maximalist with your blue theme. In fact, something that works really well is to just deploy subtle hints of colour here and there. You could, for example, work in some lovely blue accents to play off a central theme of a different colour such as silver, white or copper. This could be done with the use of some beautiful blue baubles mixed with some blue ribbon, or other little decorative hanging ornaments.

The North Pole – Arctic Blue, White & Silver

Our North Pole theme combines the cool, pale blues, crisp whites and silvers with touches of sparkle and cool blue glow. Imitating the icy, frosty, snowy and pine scenes that you would experience in the Arctic Circle. You’ll also notice some cute polar animals making an appearance from penguins to polar bear and even seals!

Also consider including:

  • White, snowy flocked or frosted artificial Christmas tree
  • Cool white LED Christmas tree lights
  • Icicles or snowflakes hanging decorations
  • Artificial snow carpet as a tree skirt
  • Silver or white star or snowflake topper
  • Polar bear ornaments
  • Artificial snowballs
  • Frosted or snowy garlands
  • Light-up snowflake decorations

Explore our North Pole theme further via our Christmas lookbook.

Elegance & Jewels – Light Blue, Silver & Red

Our elegant, bright and bejewelled Christmas theme gives you blue with a glamorous touch! Using lighter blues combined with glittery silvers, clear glass and dots of bright red, offers a fresh and eye-catching festive look. The warm white glow from the LED Christmas lights gives background warmth to the tree. Whilst the variety of textures, from smooth glass and silky ribbon to sparkling glitter and embossed metallics, makes this an exciting theme to discover.

Also consider including:

  • Snowy flocked or frosted artificial Christmas tree
  • Warm white LED Christmas tree lights
  • Varying the sizes of the baubles e.g. some small, medium and large
  • Faux fur tree skirt for extra luxury
  • Glitter silver star tree topper
  • Glass Christmas themed vases (fill with decorations or lights)
  • Silver LED light-up heart decorations

Explore our full range of stunning Christmas baubles and hanging decorations available online.

Contemporary Rustic – Dark Blue & Copper

Creating a contemporary dark blue and copper theme uses the complimentary colours to enhance each other. So, blues will look bluer and coppers will look more warm orange. The blues that would work nicely in this theme would be petrol blues, night blue and even a mid blue. Using a green Christmas tree as your base also gives a more earthy feel, which is accentuated with touches of wood and natural forms such as pine cones and foliage. This is a gorgeous and sophisticated look for the festive season.

Also consider including:

  • Green artificial Christmas tree
  • Warm white LED Christmas tree lights
  • Willow / wicker Christmas tree skirt or base
  • Copper star tree topper
  • LED light-up wooden star decorations
  • Metallic lanterns with blue candles
  • Dark blue and copper ribbons

Beyond the Christmas Tree

Although the Christmas tree is often the main focus of your decorations, you might want to think beyond the tree to other areas of your home, event or commercial space. There are lots of different options that you can use to extend your blue Christmas theme and create a fabulous atmosphere throughout your rooms. Try working your blue Christmas theme into the gift wrapping, vases, candle holders, tableware, cushions and throws.

Festive Faux Flowers & Foliage

One area that works particularly well in the winter months is using artificial flowers and foliage for Christmas arrangements such as wreaths, garlands and even floral displays in vases. Especially with the quality of artificial flowers and plants that you can purchase from our collection, you will be able to take your pick and not worry about it possibly being the wrong time of the year for certain plants. You also won’t need to worry about the time-consuming business of keeping them looking fresh throughout the Christmas period. They basically look after themselves.

Blue thistles, heather, hydrangea and agapanthus would be a good place to start. There are many more options that will bring a lovely touch of blue to your living space such as gypsophila, carthamus and clematis. Combine with foliage and other flowers that match your chosen theme and accessorise with extra sparkle or pops of festive colour. There are even frosted flowers and foliage that would add a beautiful wintery touch. You could start with one of our lovely artificial wreaths or garlands as a base and then add your chosen blue touches. Artificial Christmas floral displays can look stunning positioned over a mantelpiece, around candle holders, as festive wreaths on doors or even garlands running down the staircase banisters or over doorways.

Get Creative With Your Blue Christmas Theme

It is worth bearing in mind, that it’s not just the home which benefits from a coherent and characterful Christmas theme. A commercial space (such as restaurant, hotel, bar, shop, office or event venue) can utilise a range of blue decorations, lights and accessories together with artificial Christmas floral arrangements to make a gorgeously rich and layered look.

Once you have set the theme going, you will be surprised how easy it will be to let it grow almost organically. You just need to get that initial creative vision up and running. Choosing the atmosphere you wish to create, selecting the key colours and the type of blue as your cornerstone and working from the focal Christmas tree outwards across your space.

You can even start to accrue certain blue accessories for the home or business over the Christmas period such as blue cushions, throws and candle holders. These will last long through the year after Christmas has officially come to an end.

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