Rustic Outdoor Dining Area Ideas

rustic outdoor dining area ideas

Outdoor dining in the warmer months is a brilliant thing – whether you are sharing this experience with your household or just catching a few peaceful moments to yourself of an evening. It is always great to have the option there for when the weather brightens. However, there are many styles of outdoor dining area to choose from. So, we thought we would bring together a quick outdoor dining checklist, with an emphasis on the rustic look. Take a browse through and you will soon have those ideas flowing so that you can create your very own rustic outdoor dining space.

Take a Rustic Seat!

The main thing that you will need to get right will be the table and chair options. For the rustic look, the vibe that wooden tables and chairs creates can often be a winner. The wood provides a nice earthy natural touch that goes hand in hand with a rustic theme. You might also want to consider the metallic approach, as this can also create some excellent texture and detail in the appearance of your outdoor dining space.

As well as the main outdoor dining table and chairs, have a think about side tables or bench options. These come into their own for drinks whilst you are eating, freeing up some space on or at the main table. On top of that, they also are lovely little accessories that you will be able to use if you are having coffee outdoors with friends, or just grabbing five minutes to yourself in the sun with a book and a cup of tea. Explore some of our lovely rustic wooden outdoor furniture examples (as pictured above) in our garden furniture range here.

Time For a BBQ?

When that sun comes out, you just have to have a BBQ – those are the rules! For outdoor dining, it is not the case that you will always be barbecuing. However, you will want to have the option for those particularly warm and pleasant spring and summer weekends. Having a good quality barbecue is essential: gone are the days when a BBQ party meant charred food!

For the rustic outdoor dining area, you may wish to build your own coal bbq out of more earthy materials, such as brick or or stone. However, many of us would prefer a touch of contemporary convenience when it comes to cooking the food. These Grillstream Hybrid BBQs offer the perfect combination between authentic coal flavour and gas efficiency.

It is also not just about the food. Having a barbecue option is about having the option to host an outdoor get together and doing it in style. Whether with your household of friends, family (or both!), a social event (in the future) which has some good barbecued food on the menu – and just a little bit of sun – all adds up to a happy time indeed.

Rustic Theme Planters, Pots and Vases

Whether you have a garden or a patio area, there isn’t an outdoor home space that doesn’t benefit from some plants. Plants and flowers can give your rustic outdoor dining experience a beautifully peaceful and natural feel. Turning the space into a relaxed haven, plants will ensure that you have a slice of natural wonder weaved into your dining space.

Planters with a wooden or a clay look to them work perfectly if you are after that wonderful rustic look. Also, look out for natural or earthy textures and colours to accompany your theme. Arrange them around your dining space and you will find that the effect that this will have an enriching the feel of your dining experience will be miraculous.

Fresh and Stylish Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can add so much to a rustic dining experience. There are so many brilliant LED lighting designs these days that are just perfect for this situation. Some are solar powered too so they will be charging up as the light is shining down from the sun. Then, when the light starts to fade in the evening, they will come into action. Illuminating the area in a gorgeously atmospheric way.

The great thing about setting up getting some solar outdoor lights is that you can simply leave them in position whether you are dining or not. They will even be there to make the garden look magical even when you are indoors!

Keep Things Comfy

The fresh air can help create a mood that just can’t be beaten. But, when you are outside, it doesn’t have to be a trade between the refreshing joys of the outdoors and the comfort of the indoors. A choice array of cushions ideal for softening an outdoor rustic theme, will ensure that you can chill out in just as much comfort outside and indoors.

You may also want to think about additional touches like rugs and throws. These firstly look great as part of your rustic dining area. They also adding a cosy and welcoming touch. On top of that, though, they also will be advantageous for those days when the skies are clear but there is still a little bit of a chill in the air.

To work with the rustic theme, look out for textures that feel rustic such as chunky weave or waffle and materials that feel more raw or natural such as cotton, linen, wool etc. For the colours think earthy burnt orange, terracotta, mustard yellow, greys, greens and even washed out blues.

Rustic Finishing Touches

Eating outdoors is glorious when the weather allows it! Make sure to think about those lovely little rustic touches which will make outdoor dining all the more convenient. Not to mention stylish. This might mean picking up a few well-designed rustic serving trays so that you can get from kitchen to table and back with ease. Also, the final touches to the table might include choosing some cute twine and cord to tie around your napkins. Ideal for once you have laid the table – dining bliss!