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Hybrid Grillstream BBQs & Accessories

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Gas & Coal Hybrid Grillstream BBQs & Accessories

The Leisuregrow Grillstream gives you the ultimate BBQ experience that steps things up when it comes to taste. If you want a BBQ that is able to give you a clean, healthy and delicious meal each and every time, this range will be for you. The reason that these pieces of technology are a league ahead, comes down to their unique design. Meat or other kinds of food can often be burned on the outside but remain uncooked on the inside. This will no longer be a problem with Grillstream Hybrid BBQs!

Why Choose a Grillstream BBQ?

Leisuregrow Grillstream BBQ technology is truly innovative and it means that the quality of your outdoor cooking can now be just as good as your kitchen cooking. So, what is so special about this technology? Well, where ordinary BBQ grills allow the fats from your food to drip through as they are being cooked, Grillstream stops this from happening. This means that you don't have to worry about those fatty drips flaring up licks of fire below. These are exactly the flare ups which have made BBQs synonymous with meat which is burned to a crisp on the outside and raw on the inside.

What Do Coal & Gas Grillstream BBQs Do Differently?

Instead of letting these fats drips through to the flame below, Leisuregrow BBQs use their patented double grill system to drain away the fat as it is cooked off the meat and simply collect it below in special collection cups. This U-shaped fat removal system means that your food can be cooked perfectly, leaving you with succulent and delicious outdoor feast. Not only does your barbecued food end up more tasty, but it even ends up more healthy, as you are left with a less fatty but even more juicy plate of food. You won't need to pre-cook your food - simply fire it up and enjoy a barbecuing experience which is singularly stress-free and effective.

What Does Grillstream's Hybrid BBQ Offer?

If their unique drip-free grills aren't enough, then Grillstream have also developed a clever hybrid system meaning that you can cook either with coal or with gas. If you want that classic charcoal cooked BBQ flavour, then you simply lift up the grills to add the coal, light it with the gas below, turn off the gas, and then away you go! However, you won't always need to have coals in stock to get the party started, as you can also simply engage the gas function on its own to cook with ease.

Grillstream BBQ Accessories

It should be unsurprising to hear that Grillstream spend just as much time and effort perfecting the functionality of their accessories, too. Whether it is the high quality tongs, the spatulas, the cleaning brushes or the cover, you can rely upon these additional pieces of kit to do their job, time and time again. Both the smaller and the larger Grillstream designs have handy storage cabinets too, so you can keep these tools nicely organised and ready to go.

Summer Cooking Essential

When the sun comes out and the shorts and t shirts come on, you will be thankful that you have got yourself a Grillstream BBQ for those idyllic outdoor meals. The key thing to remember about the Grillstream is that it gives you the technology which solves the age-old problem of barbecuing - it stops flare ups from the flame by not letting fat drip down through the grill. This means you can enjoy food cooked to perfection, whilst you enjoy the sun and great company! Furthermore, you can do this with coals or gas. If Grillstream BBQs seem exactly what you are searching for, then feel free to give us a call on 0151 334 0818 and we would let you know more about it!


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