Easter Egg Hunt Supplies & Ideas

Two children with Easter Egg Hunt supplies

There are many joys to the changing of the seasons from winter to spring. The days become longer and lighter, the sun comes out to play, and a world of natural colours bursts forth in gardens, parks and other green spaces. But this is not to mention that most wonderful of celebrations, which for many marks the season: Easter! And of course, what comes with that? Easter egg hunts! And what will you need? Easter egg hunt supplies!

Make Easter a Fun Household Event

One of the really fun things to do at this time of the year is to make the most of Easter and organise an Easter egg hunt. This can be super exciting for the little ones (and older ones), and can act as one of the great events on the family calendar. Although, this year (Sunday 4th April), we might not be able to have as many friends or extended family join in on the fun as usual, it can still be quite the event indeed. Just make sure you have enough Easter egg hunt supplies, chocolate and perhaps live stream or record the best bits for those not able to be there! Also, the fun isn’t just for the kids, as it can be a good opportunity to pick up some new decorations and cute Easter accessories to get your home looking spot on for the event.

Have Enough Easter Egg Hunt Supplies

plastic east egg hunt supplies on grass lawn

First thing’s first: you will need enough eggs to hide. You should think about having enough so that you can place them around evenly throughout your space, wherever you choose it to be. There should also be enough so that they are not all found within the first couple of minutes! At the same time, you will ideally not have plastic Easter eggs left in supremely well-hidden spots for the remainder of the year! Think about buying all-in-one sets, the like of which we have right here at Inspirations Wholesale. You can also then choose some baskets from our lovely collection, so that your kids can do their own bit of collecting with ease!

Decorate Your Outdoor Space

easter egg hunt supplies - lady with daffodils in garden

Easter egg hunts are a brilliant opportunity to transform your garden into a magical and mystical world which will be fun for your kids to explore. You might think about using some Easter themed decorations to place along walls, borders, dangling from branches, or marking the way on the lawn or patio. For example, check out some of our cute hanging bunnies available in different colours. Ideal for decorating trees, hedges, hooks and handles, fence posts and more around the garden. To really set the scene, you might also think about hanging up a big Easter Egg Hunt banner – this will really create that special sense of anticipation.

With the decorating ideas and the Easter egg hunt supplies sorted, what about considering some outdoor seating? Perfect for the adults to enjoy while the younger ones are off hunting. It’s a good idea to bring out your garden furniture well ahead of time to make sure it’s survived the winter and is still serviceable for another year. However, if it’s not looking to good, it might be time to purchase some new outdoor seating. If you need some inspiration, then take a look at our fabulous garden furniture range. For instance, check out amazing waterproof outdoor sofas, luxury rattan dining sets, hanging egg chairs (perfect for Easter!) and more.

Bad Weather Plan?

Although, as mentioned, one of the joys of spring is that the weather begins to brighten up, this cannot always be relied upon! As such, even if the main plan involves lots of outdoor egg hunting, you should be prepared up till the last minute to change things up. The weather may well make that decision for you! You might have umbrellas and waterproofs ready to brace the showers. Or, you could consider a way to extend your outside living space with one of our sturdy luxury gazebos (find out more in this blog post and video). Not just an excellent addition for Easter but for the spring, summer and also years to come.

Don’t Forget Indoor Decorations Too

easter egg hunt supplies - indoor decorations eggs daffodils

If you are able to have your egg hunters divert indoors (while still adhering to lockdown restrictions of course), you should also think about where you might hide your eggs inside. If that’s the case, also ponder on how you might be able to bring a sense of spring festivity through your indoor decorations. For example, creating an Easter display on a table with chicken or bunny ornaments, eggs, baskets, ribbon and more. You can use moss or raffia to bring the look together in a nest-like way. This would work nicely for a table centrepiece or on a sideboard.

For the rest of the space, utilise Easter themed or floral garlands to fill blank spaces and walls with colour. The addition of a gorgeous arrangement of artificial spring flowers in a jug or vase will brighten any interior. They can be reused year after year too! Finally, you could also try using a stunning Easter blossom tree as a statement piece in your room!

Have Some Prizes Prepared

easter egg hunt supplies - hand holding golden egg

There should be lots of rewards along the way for kids as they find Easter eggs and enjoy the treats. However, to make things extra exciting (or for added control over the chocolate consumption), it can sometimes be fun to have a collection of prizes to exchange for the pretend eggs found. These treats could vary in size, quantity or type, depending on the number or colour of the plastic eggs found. You could even have one ‘rare’ golden egg that will be exchanged for a special chocolate Easter egg or prize.

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Happy hunting!