7 Gorgeous Summer Scents

7 summer scents home fragrances - grapefruit, limes and citrus fruits on white background

Explore our 7 gorgeous summer scents from our home fragrance and candle range. Find out some of our key fragrances that will bring the summer into your interior space. Whether you are looking for a fresh or fruity, or a spicy or floral scent, there are plenty to explore. Keep the summer feeling going, no matter what the weather throws at us!

The Power of Smell

Smells are sometimes surprisingly powerful. Whether it is a case of bringing you back to a memory, triggering a train of thought, sparking creativity, or simply inducing a calming sense of peace, the moving effect of pleasant smells cannot be overstated. Then again, perhaps this should not come as a surprise at all. And this is down to the simple but significant fact that the olfactory system is located in the same area of the brain that effects memories, emotions and creativity!

So, we know that smells are important. But which scents are the most appealing for the summer months? With so many fragrances available for you to accent your space with, it can be difficult to choose. Of course this is a subjective matter, but these seven relaxing, refreshing and possibly even mood lifting scents are all ones which we think it will be worth at least giving a go this summer.


Coconut scent is an absolute winner, and it can be especially calming throughout the warmer months of the year. Reminiscent of tasty beach-side cocktails, exotic locations and even sun creams. Nevertheless, not overpowering in its smell, coconut is a popular and seductive summer scent that we would highly recommend.

Lime and Basil

So much of what you are after in any scent is a feeling of revivification, and the refreshing nature of lime and basil as a scent combo is such that this is exactly what you will get. It comes into its own especially in the summer months when, as lovely as it is when we get some hot days outside, it is just as lovely to cool off indoors for a moment. Let the pure, clean and fresh scent combine with that cooling air to really bring you back to being fully centred and relaxed.

Watermelon, Grapefruit (and Other Summer Fruits)

Candles scents have come a long way and, as well as having the traditional scents ready to go, it can be worth trying out a few fruity scents which seem a little out of the ordinary when placed in their new candle-based context. Outside of the candle world, we of course do not need to speak of the simple wonder of melon, or the grapefruit, and their place front and centre in the summer fruit fare! Refreshing, uplifting and fun fruity summer scents are an excellent choice for a more lively atmosphere.


A floral note that will add a delicate and velvety summer fragrance is the iconic rose. This beautiful rose scent makes you think of floral gardens in summer, with roses in the UK coming into bloom in June. The summer scent of rose is an elegant and soothing option and ideal for a space you would like to relax in.


To widen the base of your scent sources, why not consider taking a fragrance trip to Morocco, with some glorious argan oil scent? This wonderful smell might make you think of Moroccon lunches, with bread, couscous, salads and argan dipping oil. Even if you haven’t tried the culinary equivalent, in the summer the scent blends into the sun and the greater warmth to enhance the vibrancy of the feel of your home. A nutty, calm and woody summer scent that feels comforting and warm.


Is there any time of the year when sandalwood doesn’t stand up as an excellent choice for a scent? It also has some special qualities that make it a great shout for the summer. The soft, creamy, woody and comforting scent is one that almost borders on the spiritual with its peaceful nature. It is precisely so useful in the summer because it works as a useful fixative, enhancing the effect other floral and citrus fragrances that you are likely going to have about in the summer, such as orange blossom, ylang ylang and jasmine. Sandalwood summer scent provides an warming oriental aroma to your space.

White Musk

Soft and warming, the white musk home fragrance is a delicate and slightly powdery scent that might remind you of white linen sheets drying in the sun. A fresh fragrance that is light and summery while still be velvety and comforting. Ideal for spaces that you want guests to relax in or areas where you want a calm and clean freshness.

Discover More Summer Scents

Want to explore more scented candles and home fragrances? Then take a look through our fabulous collection of scented candles and reed diffusers to discover your next summer scents. Or read our introduction to the MadebyZen fragrance range to find out about their electronic aroma diffusers and essential oils. Let us know what you pick and why it’s your chosen summer scent!