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Artificial Trees

Whether you need one artificial tree or fifty, don't worry - we have the stock, whatever size your order is.

From very natural looking bamboo and ficus trees, to topiary style faux trees that look amazing in big open spaces, there are lots of variations you can choose from for indoors or outdoors.

Even if you only have a small space available, we do stock smaller sizes, so look out for those which will be a good fit. We even stock a rather stunning wisteria style artificial tree, with beautiful purple flowers drooping down - perfect for when you want to add colour as well as natural looking foliage without the hassle of caring for the real thing.

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Fantastic Visual Impact with Artificial Trees.

Everyone has plants dotted around homes and offices, but when it comes to trees, we seem to shy away from it. Perhaps it is the concern that these trees will need lots of maintenance that in our busy lives we simply cannot provide.

The fact is, there are so many different species and sizes of artificial trees available to buy here at Inspirations Wholesale, allowing you to become far more adventurous in the foliage you choose for your space. Trees are wonderful things to be amongst in the outdoors, so why not bring that into the home or office. The transformation can be quite wonderful to behold, and makes a room feel far more at one with nature, than a simple pot plant or two could ever achieve.

With no maintenance required at all, you can be free to simply admire the impact artificial trees make on your space and not have to worry about keeping it well watered and dusted to make sure it can still photosynthesise. Ideal if you want something that is easy to care for and long lasting!

Artificial Trees for the Home

Artificial trees are a wonderful feature to have in any room of the house. It really feels like you've brought nature into your home, without the hassle of looking after it, feeding it and making sure it's well watered.

You can simply have your tree of choice and be free to admire it. The wisteria trees in particular are gloriously colourful and bushy. There is a choice of cream or purple artificial wisteria, so you can choose something to really compliment colour themes in the home. So many of our artificial trees would look absolutely stunning in a conservatory, to blur the line between indoors and outdoors. We also have hanging baskets so you can adorn the front of your home with beautiful colour too, without the hassle of looking after them.

Artificial Trees for the Office

Artificial trees are of course very well suited to office environments too. An office space can be completely transformed with the addition of trees, and these fake trees are perfect if keeping real trees well watered is going to be difficult. Not all of us are organised enough to remember these things!

Choose from amazing topiary style faux trees, as well as palm trees and bamboo. All this foliage, even if it's not real, still adds a wonderful, fresh feel to a place, and helps employees feel even more comfortable with their working environment. The topiary trees are also great for reception areas and airy spaces, whilst our rose ball trees add an extra bit of colour too.

These artificial trees are so lifelike and will give you years of service in making your home, event or office look stunning.

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