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Oasis Dry Floral Foam

Oasis Sec Dry Floral Foam Brick in a Box of 20 - Dry Foam Oasis Sec Dry Floral Foam Brick in a Box of 20 - Dry Foam
£22.99 + VAT
In stock
Oasis Sec Dry Floral Foam Brick Box of 20 Brick Size: H 11cm W 23cm D 8cm About this product: These bricks are slightly stonger than traditional floral foam, making them ideal for use with dried or silk flowers. They are easy to cut, fire retardent and can even be colour sprayed. Pack Quantity: 1 Box of 20 individual bricks
Oasis Countess Bouquet Holder Dry Foam - Pack of 4 Oasis Countess Bouquet Holder Dry Foam - Pack of 4
£29.99 + VAT
In stock
Oasis Countess Bouquet Holder Sec Pack of 4 Product Description Countess Bouquet Holder Colour- Green Sec Dry Foam Pack Quantity - 4 Pieces Bouquet holder has a large caged floral foam head for easy arranging and added security for your flowers. The shaped handle is designed for comfort and even weight distribution. Oasis the favourite brand name used by florists worldwide.
Oasis Sec Dry Foam Cylinder Pack of 3 Oasis Sec Dry Foam Cylinder Pack of 3
£1.49 + VAT
In stock
Oasis Sec Dry Foam Cylinder Pack of 3 - Dry Foam Size: 8 x 6cm Pre cut piece of Dry Floral Foam No need to cut to size meaning less wasteage. Oasis fits into small bowls eg. junior & popbowls in fact any cylinder shaped container, can be taped into small baskets. This makes cylinders ideal for small arrangements, table decorations and basket arrangements Pack Quantity 1 Tube of 3 cylinders

Oasis Dry Floral Foam For Flower Arrangements

Oasis dry floral foam is a fabulous material with a variety of applications. It is easy to use and affordable so it always useful to have some on hand. The dry floral foam is generally the selected Oasis for artificial flowers. We are sure that you will find exactly what you need in the Inspirations collection!

About Oasis Dry Floral Foam

Oasis dry floral foam is a spongy phenolic material first invented in 1954 which is used to hold flowers and to form stable arrangements. The foam’s construction means that stems can easily be placed in the material but that it will hold them at unusual angles that would be difficult to achieve otherwise. It is also possible to carve the dry foam into the shape required to create and support your chosen design. Dry floral foam is lightweight, versatile and affordable.

When To Use Dry Floral Foam

Floral foam is available in both wet and dry forms. Wet floral foam is designed to hold water in order to hydrate live flowers and foliage. Dry Oasis foam does not absorb water and is both heavier and stronger. It is primarily used for creating arrangements of dried or artificial flowers but is also a good choice for live flowers where longevity is not important but where dripping water is best avoided. Dry foam is easy to cut to shape whereas wet foam is best cut only when hydrated as it tends to powder in its dry form.

Variety of Sizes & Shapes

At Inspirations we have a comprehensive range of floral foams including dry Oasis shapes in a variety of sizes to suit your projects. Choose from dry foam bricks, cylinders and spheres. Oasis ™ is the world’s leading floral foam brand and indeed has become synonymous with this versatile material. Oasis for dried flowers is generally beige in colour as this is the best shade to complement dried flowers and foliage. Use dry floral foam to make your most imaginative designs a reality!


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