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benefits of artificial christmas trees

10 Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

Every year millions of households face the dilemma of choosing between an artificial Christmas tree and a real specimen. The tree is the centrepiece of every home's festive decorations and so it is crucial to make the right choice. If you are facing the big decision again this year here are 10 reasons why an artificial tree could be the right choice for you.


Artificial Christmas trees can be used again and again over many years making that initial investment a great money saver over time. Depending on which style you choose an artificial tree can cost less than a real one and even a more costly model will work out cheaper in the long run. If you are trying to minimise the financial impact of the festive season then an artificial Christmas tree will really help.


For those with busy lives an artificial tree really makes sense. Once standing and decorated the tree requires no maintenance, no watering and it will not drop needles all over the floor. You won't have to vacuum up those needles and you won't be picking them out of the carpet well into the spring!


Artificial Christmas trees are relatively light versus their size, larger trees break down into separate pieces for storage and the trees are boxed all of which makes transporting them home an easy task. Once they are home they can simply be packed away in the loft, garage or cupboard after Christmas for use in future years. Anyone who has ever purchased a real tree will know that they are heavy, awkward to manoeuvre and larger trees may not fit in your car. They can also make one hell of a mess in your vehicle!


Getting your tree home is one thing but after Christmas, if you have a real tree, you are faced with disposing of it which will probably mean another trip in your car with yet more mess. An artificial Christmas tree only has to make it to your loft so if the festive season leaves you worn out then artificial is definitely the way to go.


If you tend to put up your tree quite late in proceedings then a real tree will comfortably last the duration but for those who decorate early it can be a different story. Real trees will deteriorate over time and, when purchased early, may start to brown before twelfth night has arrived. An artificial tree keeps its looks and will always look bright and fresh no matter how long you leave it standing.


Many people are actually allergic to Christmas trees. Christmas Tree Syndrome - as it has come to be known - is caused by moulds which grow on the trees. These naturally occurring moulds tend to flourish and rapidly increase when the trees are displayed in our homes. More than 50 different moulds have been found on Christmas trees and they can be responsible for triggering cold-like symptoms and asthma attacks. Artificial trees have no such problems and are a safer bet if you have asthma and allergy sufferers in your household.


It can be difficult to find just the right real tree for your space even when presented with a huge choice of specimens. Natural trees can lack symmetry and are often very wide at the base making them difficult to accommodate in small rooms and confined spaces, whereas our Artificial Frosted Spruce Pine Christmas Tree is slim line and yet still has the height. Artificial trees are available in every conceivable shape and size enabling you to find just the right example to fit your space and they will always be nicely symmetrical giving you a neat and attractive finish when you have added your decorations. Artificial Christmas trees are also on offer in different colours and finishes to suit your taste and interior decor and so you can really make a statement with your choice. Why not try a umbrella artificial Christmas tree for that contemporary and quirky look.

Online Purchasing

Because real trees can vary dramatically in shape and form you really need to travel to choose and collect your specimen if you want to be sure that the tree is right for your home. Artificial trees can be safely ordered online and delivered to your door if you are short of time to deal with the issue.

Ease of Decoration

The symmetry and balance of an artificial tree makes hanging decorations easy and you can even get your hands on a tree fitted with lights. Adding lights is always the hardest task when decorating, especially if you are working in a confined space. If space is tight then choose a tall, narrow artificial tree which will take up less room and can be easily walked around to decorate but which can be truly beautiful and dramatic when finished.


Safety should always be a primary consideration when choosing anything for the home and here artificial Christmas trees score highly too. Real trees can become fire hazards as they dry out whereas artificial styles are fashioned from flame retardant materials. Whatever tree you choose it should be kept well away from naked flames and the lights switched off when the tree is to be left unattended.

At Inspirations Wholesale we have a wonderful selection of realistic artificial Christmas trees in a variety of shapes and sizes with something to suit every home. Our range features frosted styles, quirky upside down trees that are perfect when floor space is at a premium and a wonderful Christmas tree archway for a fabulous and striking display. Our prices are great too, so what are you waiting for?


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